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I need some technical information WRT the FZ30. I want to make an external battery pack for it an have a couple of questions.

First, does anyone know which size DC power connector the FZ30 takes? I can not find the information anywhere.

Secondly, the FZ30's internal battery is 7.2 volts but the external DC connector specifies 8.4 volts. Is there a reason for the disparity? The reason I ask is that it makes a 1 cell difference in the pack -- and more importantly goes from an even number of cells (6) to an odd number (7). Since cells usually come in pairs, it kind of makes a waste when purchasing new ones. And, one less cell would make it more compact.

Thanks in advance!

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If it's the same as the FZ20 (probably is) the connector is 5mm.

Take the camera to your local electronics parts store and check.

Just make sure you get the polarity right when you solder it...

It's quite normal for external power adapters to be specified at a higher voltage than the internal battery, and I'd use the extra cell if I were doing it (the camera should be quite safe with up to 9V or a bit more.)

Reason I'd use the extra cell is that the camera will run longer before voltage drop shuts it off, particularly if the power pack has a fairly long cable (from pocket or belt pouch, for instance) which will itself entail some voltage loss.
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I have two different battery packs that I purchased and IMHO while they seem like a good Idea there are drawbacks and I do not use either anymore.

One is the camera does not go to sleep with a pack plugged in

and even if you turn the camera off it still causes a drain on the pack somehow.

and if you leave the original battery in you will wind up with 2 dead batteries.

Just a heads up...I find it much better to have about 3 spare batteries...but as I said thats only my opinion.
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See my previous reply on this subject at - http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...attery+voltage

And asfor the tip, I found a 4.8mm OD yellow tipped plug on the pac for a defunct Sony CD fit, so cut the wire near the transformer and connected it to 7 AAs in a 8 cell holder using a dummy cell to fill it. :-)
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I use a DPS-9000 Power Pack that I bought from Ritz Camera for $40 USD. Very happy with it as it is small and ataches to the tripod socket of the camera. The tripod does fit to the bottom of the Power Pack. Keeps the camera live for about 8 hours.

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