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I am new to this noise reduction stuff.

Ihave downloaded Neat Image and noiseware community. what program do most of you use and how much adjusting to the pictures do you do. Do you just use the default. I noticed one even has presets like portrait. Tell me what you all use or prefer.

Just learning
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I have recently repl,ied about this in another topic.

Noise Ninja, Neat Image and -maybe slightly after them- Noiseware and others are the best. There was a test page of NR somewhere on the net few months ago, but related with older versionsof the progs.

1) Take the plugins (usable in photoshop, Elements, Paint Shop pro or other progs) not the standalone programs.

2) learn how to select (with Photoshop you can use Select> Color Range to select uniform color areas such as sky) and apply NR effect to portions of the image only.

I have a FZ20 and never found a 5Mp image which needed NR all over it.

With macros if you learn how to use the filter you get great results because it soon detects the background blurred out of focus parts (which have visible noise) and cleans it, whereas a nice USM is applied on the main subject.

In landscape shots (and macros where the subject has fine textrure or grainy patterns) the plugin might erroneously identify areas such as grass or tree foliage or distant mountain rocks, as noise.
Thus you'll see that they turn meadows or mountains into blurred zones where all the definition or resolution withim them is lost.

In this case you can UNDo the effect of the plugin (UNDO BRUSH IN Photoshop) in the areas where you don't want the effect is applied, or you may select the sky only for NR.

As I recently debated about on DPRev forum, to make good-great photos you have to

A) have a natural, nearly artistical,propension, "the Eye" for the pic, and actually something interesting to shot (but this is subjective)

B) be technically prepared, knowing photo techniques and tricks and knowing your camera.

C) Knowing a lot in Image editing (post processing)

The camera model is the less important thing, so I even exclud it, although the less PP needed the bette the cam (and all camaras need PP) and a long zoom is veryimportant as well as a good WA


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