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d-sr Nov 16, 2006 2:56 PM

I think, because of a new medication I am taking to control my tremors I actually was able to get some Macro shots this morning. They aren't on par with a lot posted here but at least it's a starting place for me. All are as they came out of camera except for a tad bit of sharpening because of resizing for posting. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them. C&C is always wanted and needed.

Beth Ellen Nov 16, 2006 3:08 PM

Hey, nice start! My fave is the 3rd one...the tones in that are really pleasing...:cool:

d-sr Nov 16, 2006 3:23 PM

Thanks Beth. Like I said it's a start.............Don

dwssas Nov 16, 2006 3:55 PM

Good for you d-sr. I liked them all. It opens up a hole new area in photography that I have not yet entered but hope to soon.

annie57 Nov 16, 2006 5:44 PM

very nice and it is fun!!!! I like #2.

tcook Nov 16, 2006 5:50 PM

Looks like a great start to me. Now you are all set to have even more fun with your camera. If you have a problem with camera shake use a tripod and get a remote for shutter control. The one made for the FZ20 works on the FZ30 & 50.

D.Ann Nov 16, 2006 6:41 PM

Quite a good start I would say...lots of nice color and great texture. Donna

bayourebel Nov 16, 2006 7:42 PM

Very nice Don. A great start to be sure. Looks like you been doing it a while.

WackyRoger Nov 16, 2006 11:08 PM

Those IMHO are a SUPER start.

FZ 30, Nikon TCE17, QuikAim Max RDS, Zeiss Digiscope/Sony W7

tinosa Nov 17, 2006 1:57 AM

very nice series.
The lighting is great on every one.
thank you

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