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Hi All!

Can somebody share some experience about usage of FZ20 on extreme conditions?

I am particularly interested in its behavior in cold tempratures!

Can I take it with meto the mountains in winter? Will it freeze?

Currently I have a small compact camera which I carry in my pocket (it's warm there) and I only take it out for a minute to take a shot.

Has somebody tried a similar thing with FZ20?

What is the lowest operating temperature allowed by the manufacturer?


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I don't know what the answer to this is. This camera was announced this summer and hasn't had a chance to 'live' through a winter season yet...unless you live in the southern hemisphere! I'm going into the Maine mountains tomorrow and will take my fz20 with me to experience 40-50ish degree temps. That probably isn't the test you are looking for, but I'll let you know how it goes. Might even post some photos.

I'm hoping to see/photograph my first MOOSE! Have lived here for a year and a half and am beginning to think these creatures are the figment of imaginations! Haven't yet seen ONE! There are rumors that they live and graze nearby, but you couldn't prove it by ME!

We're headed to Rangely, Maine...lake country in the mountains! Can't wait. I grew up here; moved to PA in adulthood and recently retired back here. Never have been to Rangely, so it will be a new experience for me. Leaves are peak up that way right now, so if I don't shoot moose, you can bet I'll get a leaf or two! Wish me luck!

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Hmm, it terms of quality of this particular product and usage, it shouldn't be much different than the FZ10 model.

On the FZ10 model, I've used on the hot sun of Matzalan and Cabo San Lucus and it worked out well. I haven't used it in extreme cold condition though, so not sure how it will perform.

I have to say, it operate best in nice sunny day. Kind of a pain to operate in low lighting condition due to that mess up ELV crap.

I'll have my shots post up there once I finish with my website.

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Old Oct 5, 2004, 2:28 AM   #4
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Thanks to both of you!

Well I know that FZ20 is a new model but I recon it won't be much different from FZ10 in temperature "durability".

Has anyone tried FZ10 in cold weather? Winter, high mountains (above 4000m)?

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Old Oct 6, 2004, 4:32 PM   #5
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You might want to consider using it with an external battery:

The DPS 9000. It is Lithium based and well suited for low temps and lasts MUCH longer than OEM bats.

Good luck
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