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I am a newbie to digital photography and have nearly decided on getting the FZ15 (need approval from the "boss"). What I would like to know is how similar is the FZ15 to the FZ20 in picture quality and operation. I would like to know if tips/tricks for the FZ20 would apply to the FZ15 as well. Also, can someone point me to some generally accepted tips/tricks for the FZ15? Thanks!

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I just bought an FZ15 and the main difference between that camera and the FZ20 (as I compared them) is that the FZ20 is a 5mp camera and it also has a hot shoe and you pay about $100 difference. The 20 also comes with a 16mb card and the 15 comes with an 8mb, but both cards are worthless for taking high quality pictures so that really doesn't matter. The picture quality should be the same on both cameras since they use the same lens.

I found this on another forum - There are a number of small differences between the FZ15 and FZ20. Lowest ISO 64 instead of 80, 35 - 420mm instead of 36 - 432mm. No wired remote shutter
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FZ 15 and FZ20 should be pretty muchidentical in operation (controls, settings, etc.). only differences, as mentioned, are the absence of the hotshoe on the '15, and one less megapixel.i believe there is also a slight difference in movie mode, buti could be wrong on that one.

picture quality from the FZ15 should be comparable to the '20, just slightly lower resolution. for anything up to an 8x10 print, you won't notice the difference. the only advantage the FZ20 offers in that regard is a little more room to crop images if you need or want to, and still leave enough pixels left for a clear print. if you don't anticipate cropping much, or printing many 8x10's, you'll never see the difference.
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The FZ15 doesn't record audio. Here's some tips. It says FZ10 but the same applies to the FZ15. Both good cameras depends what you need, but you may find yourself wanting some of extra features and the price difference won't seem that big then.

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