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John J Jul 17, 2014 7:15 PM

I hope I've made the right decision.
I had been planning to get a LT55 converter lens for my FZ150, as I often find that subjects I want to capture are just that little bit further away than is comfortable for the 24x zoom on the FZ150, either that or in the case of shy creatures, they move away as I carefully try to approach !

At full optical zoom my FZ150 often produces some rather unsharp images. I have experimented with many settings to try to combat that, without much luck. A few months ago I had also speculated a bit about whether it might be better to get a Canon SX50hs, as looking at some of the camera test sites it seemed to get some pretty sharp photos at full optical zoom, but as I love my FZ150 so much, I had decided to stick with it and buy the LT55, hoping that it may help.

Well whilst looking online for the LT55, I noticed that the firm where I bought my FZ150 had a special limited offer on a Panasonic FZ72/70 at pretty well the same price as the LT55. After a bit more research and gazing at other peoples images from the FZ72/70 I made up my mind to order one instead of the LT55..... it's in the post right now !:D

The advantage of the decision instead of buying the SX50hs is that the FZ72/70 uses the same battery as the FZ150 (so long lasting) and all my accessories apart from the LA55 adapter will fit it too ! (Another advantage is that I will be able to stay in this forum).:cool:

I hope it was the right decision, I am excitedly waiting for the postman, tainted with a slight touch of anxiety !

jjdog2 Jul 18, 2014 8:52 PM

Hi John,

Have never used a LT55 converter lens but have viewed shots of those that have.

Some have gotten descent results but most don't.

Looking forward to your opinion on the FZ70.


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