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Great all, but #5 is amazing!!
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#5 is excellent.
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Thanks Jim, Spy, Msantos and Ladyhawk for your compliments on No5 - I shot that with incadsent WB but then realised the FZ10 kinda gets it wrong so had to retake the shot in Auto WB.

I've been looking at No 6 and realise I should have shot that with a longer shutter speed so you could actually see more of the buildings structure as its way too dark. Just a negative in shooting in manual mode on the older FZ's - with the higher res viewfinder and LCD + low light gain up the 30 would be perfect for nighshots.

What was a bit dissapointing was the amount of noise even at ISO 50 in a lot of the pics except when i was able to use the tripod aka 5 & 6 and thats where I would really like a decent ISO400. OIS helps but when the light is low and you have people flying around on skates having a faster shutter speed would have been realy nice. I need to practice more with the skaters - a lil project for me tis weekend.




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