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Ok, I train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, weekend before this one, 3 of our guys competed in a Mixed Martial Arts event in Kentucky. Very similar in rules to the UFC. Two were fighting for titles in their weight classes. I was asked by them to try and get some photos of their fights. Not wanting to do anything to offend, I call the promoter to ask how to go about getting ringside for those particular fights.

Long and short of it, after talking, he said he needed profile pics of some of the main fighters for the website, along with event pictures too. Said if I wanted to do those, he would comp my admission and put me ringside the whole event.

Now here is the challenge, shooting through a cage (chain link) in low light, fast action, with no flash:?. Yippee. I did eventually get to use the flash in certain situations (if I could make sure I was not blinding/distracting the fighters). So when the fights went to the ground, the flash came up:|. I have posted a lot of them on a website, if anyone wants to check them out.


It will likely ask for a password. User ID would be ctimbs and password is kinker.

Please ignore the ones with the cheesy attempt at changing the background on the profiles. All they had for me to shoot against was a concrete block wall, so I very quickly and sloppily took a stab at changing that background. With some actual work, I think I could pull something off. Anyway, we took 2 of the 3 fights and made a good showing in the third. It is a small amature event. Oh, and for those not into things like wrestling, boxing, and martial arts; you may want to skip this as this does involve fighting.
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Considering the challenges of shooting through the chainlink mesh, in low light and lots of quick movements, Ya did great! Your initial attempts of the backgrounds for the posed fighters, likewise...

Too bad the promoters didn't cut a couple of the links out to allow for an unobstructed view for the lens...
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I have talked to the promoter, next time around, I may get to shoot from a ladder, and thus shoot over the fence. Also, at that elevation, it is more likely that Ic ould use the flash, since it would not be firing up into or straight on level with the fighters eyes.

As far as the fence in general goes, it is mandated by the state athletic commisions for most MMA (mixed martial arts) events. This is due to the fact that takedowns, throws, and ground work can often lead to fighters falling out of a normal boxing style ring with ropes. The cage guarantees that no one gets double legged or hip tossed onto the floor. So given this, I would think they would not want to compromise the structural integrity at all. Also, the cage is coated with a plasticized material to protect fighters from cuts and scrapes. In spite of what it seems, it is a very safe sport over all. While football and boxing tend to have deaths every year, there has never been a death in any sanctioned Mixed Martial Arts event since it began back in 1993.

I literally spent maybe 10 minutes as a whole on putting in those backgrounds. Was simply an experiment to see what might be possible. I know that if I actually put in the time, I could likely do a much better job. He did nto ask for anything like that, just wanted shots for the website.
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