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I haven't posted here for a long time though I've been busy lurking and reading. I recently ran across an entertainer that had me in stitches so I thought I'd post this photo series. All taken with an FZ20, adjusted for hue (to reduce pink skin), light unsharp for haze, resized, light unsharpen.


Series "The Juggler & the Volunteer"

Vancouver has a reclaimed industrial area very near the downtown core called Granville Island. It is something of an entertainment district with restaurants, live theatre, the Emily Carr School of Art, a thriving Public Market, and much more. Throughout the area licensed buskers can be found and all are very talented and entertaining.

The Juggler (aka "The Checkerboard Guy") was located at Triangle Square where my five year old son and I watched him for several minutes. He was cutting edge in his commentary and very interactive with his audience so the crowd was whooping it up but seemed nervous he would single them out. I shifted viewpoints just in time to catch this young lady volunteer to assist him after it looked like no one would step forward.

Here the Juggler is setting her up for her first "act".

768x1024... http://newsy.smugmug.com/photos/70824575-O.jpg

He begins...

768x1024... http://newsy.smugmug.com/photos/70824594-O.jpg


768x1024... http://newsy.smugmug.com/photos/70824628-O.jpg

A few very funny comments later, he tasks her, and she redeems herself. The interplay between the two was absolutely solid. Here he rewards her, for bravely stepping forward, by building a balloon toy for her. I can't quite recall what he said to her but the face of the man in the black cap sums up well the reaction of the audience to the double entendre.

768x1024... http://newsy.smugmug.com/photos/70824702-O.jpg

Could it be he said "Wait.... it's not what you're thinking!"

768x1024... http://newsy.smugmug.com/photos/71177271-O.jpg

The grand finalé of this chapter of his act...

768x1024... http://newsy.smugmug.com/photos/70824722-O.jpg

I didn't capture it but one of his acts involved juggling a camcorder he takes from an audience member. There was a very tense moment which I'm sure for the owner was nearly heart stopping. A classic moment for which I'm sure the video footage will be valued for years to come.

A very funny entertainer and one you may have seen before at various festivals across North America or on a cruise ship.

The Checkerboard Guy... http://www.checkerhead.com/

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