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Originally Posted by Chris0383 View Post
"Depending on the brightness of the subject, program shift may not be activated"

This may be my issue. I'll give it a try later today.
This simply means, that say you are shooting in a dark environment, then it will already have chosen metering with the largest aperture. You could, then adjust the picture to get a smaller aperture (although you wouldn't normally want to). Conversely, in extremely bright conditions, sometimes the "Program Line", which is the built in algorithm chosen by the Panasonic engineers, may choose for example an aperture of f4.4 and a shutter speed of 1/250. In this case you can override this and push the aperture to f2.8 and the shutter speed will increase to 1/1000. This will give sharper results, as nearly all cameras like the FZ35 will give the sharpest shots at the widest possible aperture. See the review at cameralabs.com for some actual examples of this.

Or you may want get a bit creative and force a slower shutter speed if panning on a moving subject, or to make flowing water seem nicer.

All this can also be done in the manual A, S, or M modes, but using the P mode the camera has already metered the scene automatically, especially handy when you are learning.

Lastly I'll add that if you're in a hurry, then don't be afraid to use the iA mode. Some people warn against this, but if you look at Flickr, there are many great photos taken using the iA mode. There are times it will push the ISO too high and image quality will suffer, and in the majority of cases the P mode is superior, and allows the full spectrum of camera adjustments. But when you're in a hurry, or handing the camera to a friend, iA is a great compromise.

Hope this all helps, and enjoy learning with your fantastic new camera!


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Thanks Chill. I'm actually liking the manual mode but for wildlife it is tough as its cumbersome to adjust the lightmeter on the FZ35 and get that quick shot. You have to keep fiddling with the light meter and pushing the button half way to see if its right; and before you know it, your subject is gone.
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Great advice, thank you very much!
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I know it's been posted many times before, but the quick user manual on this site was very helpful to me when I first gor this camera.

Noob with an FZ35 - and loving it

Comments appreciated.
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Thank you, Cheeseboy!

I had not seen that before.
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