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The basic KwikAim RDS takes a CR2032 battery like the one in my computer.

To diverge, on the question of holding the camera with the KwikAim out in front of you, I find that one method of steadying it is to place the camera strap around your neck, pull the camera out in front then just use that to rotate the camera following the object.

I did use mine with my FZ30 in burst mode at an airshow recently, and as has been said, it does take a lot of practice to get everything right. My problem was lack of proper focus on the first of the frames which was then held, incorrectly, on the subsequent frames.
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Well mine arrived today and I have just tried to initially zero it, but for some reason I cannot get the verticle screw to bring down the red dot far enough, it lowers until just above the target and then will not move any further? Anyone else had any problems with the initial zero?


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I would Email Mike and ask him......I have owned a few scopes for rifles that required a shim and I do not think that would cause me a problem....but if you have no shim stock ....it may be best to talk to him about it.

It may be something I am overlooking.

It may be that he did not seat the sight to the mount correctly , you did get the complete unit correct?

It may be as simple as loosening up the connection between the mount and sight and retightening....but I would talk to him.
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