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I was just wondering what is the largest possible prints that can be made using the Panasonic fz20. I mean high quality prints, as I do try to sell some of my pictures. Through my site cmoline.com. Iam hoping at least 13x19. And morethe better. Also I've heard alot of talk about about the noise issue with the fz20, but is it really an issue to have to worry about if I am using the 80 speed setting anyway. As of yet I have not purchased the fz20, but need to know these questions before I do.
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i haven't personally tried printing anything larger than 8x10, but those come out in "photo quality". based on pixel counts, and assuming a minimum for acceptable clarity of about 150-175 ppi, i'd limit the size of prints from the fz20 to 11x14. a 16x20 print, with 5MP resolution, would only give you 120-130ppi, and from all i've read, that's extremely marginal for a printed image. some folks might suggest going larger and using interpolation to make up the pixels, and if you have software that supports interpolation, you can try that, but for a straight 5MP resolution, i'd limit it to 11x14. i try to maintain 200 ppi for best image quality,and 5MPwould yield 175-180 ppi for an 11x14, which should produce an acceptably clear print at that size.
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Hope this helps


I have printed 8x10 out of 2MP FZ1 which looked darn good.
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I get excellent 7.5x10 prints from the 2mp fz1. That resolves to 160 ppi (piixels per inch). 12x16 would give you the same 160 ppi from the 5mp fz20 or fz5.
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Before I boughtmy cameraI had some test photos done to see how large of a print the FZ20 would do. I was pleasantly surprised thatit had very acceptable grain on a 20"X30" print.
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It's highly subjective. Larger prints "usually" are viewed from a greater distance. As such, "fine detail" plays less a factor in image quality and composition and color are stressed. So you can "usually" get away with a lower pixel density, since your eye - literally, can't resolve all that "fine detail" of a 300 ppi image anyway from the intended viewing distance. (Think of the small letters of an eye-chart). Your eye's optimal viewing distince is about 18 inchs, book length.

That said, fine arts photographers often use medium format and large format film for gallery pieces, where prints are viewed both from a distance, and inspected atoptimal range. Digital can't touch the pure resolution capabilities ofmedium format film as of yet, which is said to be equal to 30to 40 megapixels.

I might argue, if you expect your clients will "inspect" a large print at close range before purchase, I would eitherkeep the print size small enough to maintain a200 ppi density, oruse medium format film - even though when viewed from a distance, a lower res digital image will look the same as a high res medium format film image.

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Old May 11, 2005, 8:51 PM   #7
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I print photo quality 8.5x11s on my Canon IP5000 printer all the time and I had a 13x9 printed at ofoto which also looked great.
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i view pics onmy 52 inch HDTV LCD Projection tele :-)
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I just printed a 16X20 and it is excellent. I'm quite confident that I could increase this significantly and still get good quality.

I created a 16X20 file at 300dpi which is close to 40mb. The real secret to producing large images, at least in Photoshop, is to blow them up to your desired size in exactly 10% increments. Never take your file from current to final in one step.

Sounds a little strange but it works. Try it and you'll see.
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By accident I printed out a full size image on A4. The quality is excellent and persoanlly I would be very happy to buy a photo of that size at that quality. The print was taken with either Iso80 or 100 (sorry i cant remeber which offhand.

grain (noise)really wasn't issue.

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