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Originally Posted by Setter Dog View Post
Yes, I've flipped over this thing,...wondering if the forum should make this thread a sticky?

Well now you've got a clear view of things, don't fold and change your mind, keep your focus and stay glued to the idea; avoid the glare cause too much sun can make one a little unhinged.

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- used all the good ones before I good post.

I think I'm being framed.

Have Fun - Be Nice - Don't Break Anything
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Originally Posted by Setter Dog View Post

One of my old coot buddies asked about the Delkin and I sent him over to this thread. He said to thank you for all the pictures. He also added that he thinks it's best to separate the hood from the base before installing since it makes alignment easier. Once the thing is attached to the camera, it's there to stay. The adhesive is amazing.


That is great, I'm glad the post and pics helped. I DEFINITELY have to agree with him, installation is much easier if you seperate the shade from the hood first. I made the mistake of installing mine with the hood on but got lucky and didn't push down on it very hard, when I flipped the hood up, it was all kinds of crooked and not straight, but since I didn't push down on the adhesive very hard, it didn't stick all the way and I was able to "slide" the screen protector into the correct place.

You're correct, that adhesive is pretty dang strong. I'm really glad this post has helped a few people, at least it makes it worth while to take all the seperate pics.

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Just an update on the Delkin screen protector,.....I've used it now for many Little League games and it works fine. Usually, I'm viewing through the EVF and the Delkin stays closed, protecting the LCD. If I want to use the LCD, the little shade flips up easily. I honestly can't say if it makes the screen easier to see or not. I haven't been shooting in light that bright.

I'm heading for Yellowstone soon and have had occasion there to hold my camera (Canon SX10) overhead or out the driver's side window a few times. With the Delkin on, you cannot take advantage of the really good wide angle LCD on the FZ35 by viewing from the sides or top. I had forgotten how easy the shade separates from the screen, still leaving the LCD protected.

This Delkin has lived up to it's billing and I will just remove it for the couple of days I'm in Yellowstone Park. This seems to be the best answer for both protecting and shading the LCD.

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