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I made a flying visit to Leeds Castle in Kent (UK) yesterday to see if I could capture some shots of the birds of prey that they have there and see the falconary display. The display itself was very short and it made me see the short commings of the FZ10 when trying to capture birds in full flight (Roger, tele your shots are pretty amazing now I know how hard it is to take those kinds of images). They had a falcon which was just too fast to even capture even in burst mode - needs a very large EVF with lots of res and a high refresh rate.

Pic1. Leeds Castle

Pic. 2 The Castle mout

Pic 3. The Towers

Pic 4. The Castle

Pic 5. Bailey the European Eagle Owl

Pic. 6 Hello Bailey (Slightly cropped from the top)

Pic 7 Bailey coming in after buzzing a group of kids.

Pic. 8 Darleen - a South American Snake killer

Pic. 9 A wee duck.



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I think I tend to use the word amazing too much but when you follow this forum, what other word can decribe 95% of the pictures.

All I can say HarjTT is "amazing"
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All are great IMHO. I especially like the owl. Don't misunderstand they are all great its just I always like animals the best.

Since I got my RDS QuikAim my keeper percentage on in flight birds has more than doubled. Don't give up keep pushing the shutter button while they are flying. Good luck on the BIF.

roger (The Old Newbie)
FZ 30, Nikon TCE17, QuikAim Max RDS, Zeiss Digiscope/Sony W7

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Very nice series. I've really got to get to Britain sometime.
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Boot, Roger and LHawk

Thanks for the comments. I'm not too sure about the pics - my main goal was the birds and to see them only for a few mins I was a bit disappointed. I'm happy with the bird shots , although I only managed to get a few keepers but the castle pics I'm not too sure I just get afeelign that somethings missing.

Roger the BIF stuff is seriously hard, esp with the FZ10. The EVF of FZ10 is just too small and its low res really hampered being able to follow the birds esp the falcon which was more like a bullet. So when I see them now I know how hard they are to do.

LHawk, there's plenty see and shoot when you visit the UK.




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