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lesmore49 May 18, 2009 8:44 PM

Leica 35 mm Rangefinder owners
Does anyone have a Leica 35 mm Rangefinder ?

Nowadays I know it's mostly digital.

I have a '50's Leica 11F, which I still use occasionally..mostly to keep it working. But I still find it a lovely piece of equipment to operate and as always am impressed with it's picture taking qualities.

I also love the quality of material used in it's manufacture. It is...built like a tank...a refined tank.:)

Do you still use it ?

Have you remained with Leica when going to digital or have you gone with another manufacturer ?

dlynch May 31, 2009 8:53 PM

I had a Leica M3 system, that was stolen.
I replaced it with an M4P system a few years later; it didn't suit me as well, and I sold it.
I'm looking for an M3 and hope to be successful.
I never regretted spending as much as Idid for Leica equipment. Regret assuming that the M4P would be an improved M3...
I shoot left eyed. I bought a power-winder for the M4P, and that helped with composition and ease of use, until I needed to change film...

Digital? I haven't bought Leica yet. My wife, the Director of Finance, would disapprove.


jaapv1 Jun 2, 2009 4:00 AM

Hi! I happened to drop by and I noticed your question. It seems to me thatthis is not quite the forum to get these questions answered, but Ill give it a quick try.
There are many tens of thousands of Leica M cameras, both digital and analog. As a matter of fact, the winning World Press Photo this year was taken with a Leica Rangefinder. It is a photographic experience that is completely different from SLR shooting, and about the exact opposite from automated DSLR use.
Back to basics photography, and if you take to it you will sell all your DSLR gear, just keeping one for tele and macro.
A kind of love it or hate it kind of thing.

You will find the sufferers of this disease tend to flock together at:

And at:

You may find some of the amazing results obtained with these cameras here:

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