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Is there a difference in the quality of Vario-Elmar vs. Vario-Elmarit ?:?

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I, too, was interested in the difference between the Elmarit and Elmar when the L10 was released. After much googling, I finally found a reference to a list of Leica lens names and their specifications. As it turns out, the Leica name reflects the maximum aperture the lens supports. Leica is an old company, going back to the early 20[sup]th[/sup] century, and has not been 100% consistent in naming their lenses but, in general, here is a list of lens names with their maximum apertures:
Maximum Leica
Aperture Name

f/1.0 Noctilux
f/1.4 Summilux
f/2.0 Summicron
f/2.8 Elmarit
f/3.5-4.6 Elmar
Other less commonly used names include: Summarit, Xenon, Summarex, Hektor, Telyt, Super-Angulon, and Summaron.

I would expect that there are quality differences between the various lens lines (a wider aperture lens would need to be manufactured to higher quality standards then a smaller aperture lens) but I have no specific differences other than maximum aperture.

P.S. Vario- merely means that the lens is a zoom and may indicate that the maximum aperture is variable. E.g., the FZ10 and FZ20 are Vario-Elmarit lenses and a constant maximum aperture of f/2.8. The FZ30 and FZ50 are Vario-Elmarit lenses as well but have a maximum aperture of f/2.8 at the wide end but f/3.7 at the zoom end.


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Thanks for the feedback Dick

Way back when a gallon of gas for over $2.00 was unheard of I was using a Leica M3.

I don't know how true it was but many said that if a 2.8 Elmarite was not upto snuff it was knocked down to a 4.0 lens (this applied to the 90mm lens. I had a 90mm 4.5 made during the war under contract by Wollensak that was basicly a 4.0 Elmar with a slight lisp.

I wanted a super wide camera like the FX500 or FX35 that starts at 25mm or the Samsung that starts at 24mm. As much as I love the wide end of the spectrum I refuse to give up on a hunk of telephoto for those long shots. So I will contuinue to use my Kodak with a aux wide angle that bumps it back to about 20mm.

My girl friend is in love with my TZ1's sharpness and will give me a z18 with its 18x zoom and elmarit glass.

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