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There is one reason why I always leave the lens hood on. This is in an FZ10.

The reason is that, in all modes except "Play", the lenses will try to extend if the camera accidentally turns on - which can happen, it's not a "hidden" switch. Now, if the camera is in a tight case (mine is) the lenses will not have room to extend and there will surely be some mechanical damage inflicted to them.

Having the lens hood on helps to prevent that. Yes, I also store my camera in "Play" mode, but every once in a while I forget to do it.

I don't know about the other FZ models, but that's my reason. Besides, I like how it looks (matter of tastes, of course) and attaching a filter is faster. I take it off if I'm doing close-ups, the lens hood or its shadow can get in the way.
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José A. wrote:
I don't know about the other FZ models, but that's my reason.
I understand you with that. Good idea, indeed. But the FZ30 has a non-extending lens, which I really, really appreciate a lot!
Who knows, maybe some day I'll open my mind, if there are too many bad flares on my pics or the metering doesn't do what I want significantly more often. For now it performs very well without it. Maybe this is also a matter of subject and light preferences.
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