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... well, since it seems that about a dozen or so folks all post here, thought we might expand beyond our shared interest in the Lumix...

Nick -

1. Favorite Music: Led Zep, Velvet Underground, U2, Nirvana, John Coltrane, early 70's Elton John (up until he started to suck), Radiohead

2. Favorite Books: Thus Spake Zarathustra (Friedrich Nietzsche), Heart of Darkenss (Joseph Conrad), Salem's Lot (Steven King), Death in Venice (Thomas Mann), I am Legend (Richard Matheson), Catcher in the Rye (JD Salinger)

3. Favorite Movies: Haunting of Hill House (original by Rober Wise), Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, ...All the Marbles, Any and all Japanese science fiction from the '60's, Apocolypse Now, Night of the Living Dead. Any film by Mario Bava. Hammer horror flicks from the 60's, Key Largo (old Bogart flick...), Force of Evil (old film noir), Any film noir from the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's "exploitation" stuff you see on MST3000.

4. Favorite Foods: SUSHI! (Especially Uni), home-cooked Italian, good mexican.

5. Favorite Drinks: Piraate (belgium ale), any aged single malt scotch, any good vintage german Reisling, Figi spring water.

6. Favorite Outdoors: marathon rollerblading jaunts.

7. Cameras: Revere 16 (16mm film camera), Vivitar V3000S 35mm, of course, Lumix FZ-1v2, vintage Agfa Ventura Deluxe 66 medium format folder.

8. Favorite Vacation Spots: Cape May, NJ; Key West, Fla; Old Montreal, Toronto.

Factoids: left-handed, color blind, BA in cinematography, shot two unreleased films in the late 80's/early 90's. Master's in management science. Married father of two. Children are 4th generation and are 100% italian. Recoperating corporate type... currently teaching at a small private college and a trade school.

... and proudly one of the "49%".

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A married Canadian living abroad on Norway and moving back to Calgary in June...


Favourite Music ... Hillsongs Australia, Darrel Evans, Jesse Cook, anything live, Bergen Philoharmonic Orchestra, U2

Favourite Books ... People Types, Bringing out the best in others, anything by John Maxwell on leadership, Bill Hybells on living life, Difficult Converstions, Built to Last, biographies..... non fiction kind a guy ...

Favourite Movies ... October sky, Lord of the Rings, Rudolph the red nose reindeer.

Never had a digital camera ...learning about photography and the FZ 20 is great. If it ever stops raining here in Bergen maybe I will be able to get out and take some pix.:blah:

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Old Nov 30, 2004, 9:10 AM   #3
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Wine, women, and song.

Wine - Yuengling Light
Women - My wife
Song - Bluegrass, blues, trad country, irish
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Old Nov 30, 2004, 10:55 AM   #4
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Got married in South America, expecting our first child this July!

BA in Sociology
BA in Anthropology
BA in Education
MA in Instructional Technology

I don't like music.
I love all types of art, especially photography

I've been to four continents
Survived an ill-fated expedition in Siberia
Spent some time living on the hundreds of islands of the cost of Maine

Favorite shows: Northern Exposure, Magnum P.I., Seinfeld

30 years old
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Old Nov 30, 2004, 3:13 PM   #5
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1: Favourite music. Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, Led Zep, Hendrix, ACDC, U2, Uriah Heap, Deep Purple, Stanley Jordan.All time, favourite Steve Ray, no doubt about it.

2:Favourite books. "Caught in motion" "Secret worlds" "The miracle of flight" "Borne on the wind"...all by Stephen Dalton. The man is a pure, nature photographic genuis. "Photomicrography" by Douglas Lawton.

3: Favourite movies.None really. Any documentary with David Attenborough will do me just fine though.

4: Favourite food's. Sweet and sour pork, Lemon chicken, steak egg's and chips :-)

5: Favourite drinks. Speights old dark (local beer), Baileys.

6: Favourite outdoors. Macro, macro and of course macro.

7: Cameras, Canon FTB, Canon EF, 2 Canon A1's, 2 Canon T90's, Nikon FE, Nikon F60, Olympus 1400XL, Sony CD-1000, Panasonic FZ10. Lenses, far too many. Flash units, far too many and some strange ones at that.

Factoids: 49 going on 25. Right handed but use the left for certain things. Cabinet maker, marquetry, CNC programming for Lasers and Routers for the wood working indusrty. Graphics and macro. Shot motor sports in the 80's but I kept going back to macro. So I keep busy. Jan and I meet at 14 and that was it. One daughter Rachel, 15 years old :roll:

Very interesting idea Nick, fun thread IMO. Pleasure to meet ya all. :-)


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Music: U2 (who doesn't love them?), audioslave, metallica, smashing pumpkins, radiohead, muse...

Books: Lord of the rings, The da Vinci code

Movies: Lord of the rings (well I did come from NZ so what did you expect!), Shawshank redemption

Food: Meat, red meat (cow, sheep, lamb)

Drink: I love all beer

Outdoors: Cycling, tramping

Cameras: old 35mm, Panasonic F7, Panasonic FZ10

About me: Im 22 living in Sydney doing my PhD in Chemistry, moved from NZ 9 months ago, went to University in Dunedin and grew up in a small town called Darfield. I miss NZ and hope to go back soon.
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Old Nov 30, 2004, 5:02 PM   #7
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... cool, look. They made it an "I" thread.
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Bob -

Music: Any kind as long as it contains talent and has meaning.

Books: Not much of a reader, but use reference manuals a lot.

Movies: Horror, Suspense, Sci-Fi, Any and all. Sometimes comedy, action, drama.

Food: Italian, Sea Food, Chinees, Mexican, Polish.

Drink: I rarely drink, but when I do... It's usually tikila and beer.

Out Doors: Don't get out much, but I like hiking, camping, and taking pics.

Cameras: Never had one till my FZ20.

Factiods: 47, mostly right handed, married w/3 children, wife: Deborah 40, Son: Michael 21, Daughter: Tiffany 19 (Grand Daughter: Kaylah 2), Daughter: Jennifer: 14. Equivalent to an associate degree in electronics from the army (graduated top of my class w/4.0), Equivalent to an associate degree in computer & internet programming (graduated top of my class w/4.0), GED. Spent 6 years in the US Army from 1983 to 1989. Been married 21 years.

Life Story:

Born in a bad part of North Philadelphia, and lived there until I was 10. Got beat up a lot for being a white dude. Moved to Bucks County, Pa. Got beat up a lot for being paranoid of being beat up a lot. Learned how to fight back, and only picked on people who picked on other people.

Became a teen ager, got into drugs, started using needles, saw a lot of ugly things that I wish I've never seen, started steeling & selling drugs to support my habit, did a lot of things that I wish I never did, dropped out of school in 10th grade.

Saw the way my life was going (down... down... down...), tried to stop several times, but the drugs where running my life at this point, moved in with my Parents for a while to get away from it all, met my wife (she was living next door with her sister), she was very patient about my addiction and stood by me even when I would dissappear for sometimes a week, got pregnant, got married.

Joined the Army, went through withdrawls & boot camp at the same time (talk about a wake up call), made it through, started to think like a real person again, got my GED and electronics skills that I could use in civilian life, got out after 6 years (was very close to staying in for a career).

Started as an entry level electro-mechanical technician, spent 20 years in the maintenance fields in quite a few different industries (all industrial), went to school for computer & internet programming, got my foot in the door, worked my way up the programming ladder and still climbing.

I do not lie, steal, cheat, and am truely sorry for every bad thing I have done. I try to make it up by helping others, and I have not touched drugs since 1983.

I lost most of my friends (including my older brother) to drugs & alcahol, as well as some to suicide and murder. The ones that are still living are still into all that stuff so basically I have no life long friends left.

I talk to my kids and their friends all the time about not getting into drugs, and try to get them to focus on getting skills instead, sometimes they listen, sometimes they don't, but I still try...

I can't say I enjioyed the ugly side of life, but I have surly learned much from it.

I hope none of you think any less of my for revealing all of this, but as I said... I do not lie.

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Thank goodness for change Bob. Just shows how strong you really are mate. A lot of respect for those that can pull through it all. Some I know, never made it. Good on ya Bob.

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Thanks Danny.
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