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Hi, Nancy here. Started out as a mus ic major @ Aaron Copeland School of Music, left to pursue design. Started at Parsons School of Design, met a boy (photo major) he took the pic of me at the studio at school. I actually left Parsons to go to Pratt, where I graduated in ID (Industrial Design). I do freelance work now. Also used to live in California where I played a lot of tennis.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Music: I grew up on folk music. My father sang with Buffy Saint Marie, and he taught me how to sing and how to sing harmony. So I grew up with Dylan, The Weavers, Doc Watson, Rooftop Singers, Smother's Brothers etc. Got into hard rock in my teens, formed some bands. Also played flute in the orchestra in HS and college. I play that Gibson songwriter deluxe that I photographed in the guitar post. I also have my father's Guild but I don't play it for sentimental reasons. I love singing and playing acoustic stuff, and I do own an electric but I am not much of an electric player.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Got into photography b/c I hung out with the photo majors at school, loved playing around in studio, and I am very mathematically minded for a female. I think my photography lacks some soul, traded it for all of the techy stuff. I read Ansel Adams series: The Camera, The Negative, and The Print for fun and got into b&w developing, and some color printing which I hated. I have experience with small medium and large format cameras. I set up my own studio with a light table that I built with my ex (broken now) and some strobes which I got from an old photography friend of my parents. Used it primarily to take photos of my work (and my cats when I got bored!). I love photographing people and children for fun. Also took some film classes (@ The New School -Parsons is a subdivision of the New School) made a couple of documentaries - one about the Woodstock reunions the 19th -25th. Film always seemed too hard, it is hard enough getting one perfect still, let alone 30 frames per second! So, I stick to photography.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I have nieces and nephews, a brother, three cats and I co-own two ferrets (even though it is technically illegal to own them in NYC thanks to Guiliani) with my bro.
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My name is Bob and I am reletively new to posting on this forum, but have been reading it and learning from it for quite a while. I am 44, married since 1982 with eight children. Our oldest is twenty, youngest six. Our oldest got married last spring, and our next oldest started college this fall. My wife home schools our children through twelth grade.

I have both a FZ 10 and a FZ 20. I am teaching my kids what little I know about photgraphy. It works out pretty well having two cameras so similar.

I am self-employed with an office cleaning business and a carpet cleaning business. I have a BA degree in Bible, with a Biblical Greek minor. I play drums for the worship band at our church. Have been drumming since six years old. Music is my first hobby, photography, especially of birds, is my second. I have a favorite bird blind I go to as often as my schedule allows. I find bird photogrphy to berelaxing. That is where I also bring my kids and teach them on the FZ 10.

I love all types of music and enjoy watching any well done movie with my wife. We have quite a collection of movies.

I am greatly benefitting from allof your photographyknowledge and experience, and have enjoyed getting to know you some, too.

Here is a photo from 2002 of my family.

Attached Images
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London.. son 20 n Cool, ADNAMS Real ale then baileys.. Chelsea ferever.. hiker biker.. bbq cooking, Drivin bmw.. live concerts / comedy store.. Rebel...

OH, i make these too..


Music.. i collect Orig Vertigo`s + bootlegs of NEIL YOUNG, FLOYD, Steely Dan,J Browne, P Hammill, P Metheny and most rare rock, brit folk and audio books >S Hawking.

Read..Any Tech mags, Patrick O`Brian, Sci Fi n Fantasy.. Tolkien, Autobiogs.

Film.. all KUROSAWA.. Sci Fi.. with an edge Riddick, Alien, Blade, etc.. Marx bros, pixars..

Food.. Steak man and most cept mex..

build n fix PC`S Exec from print trade..

Canon AE1P + lens, FZ10 + coupla zooms.. v old box cameras and zenit f/manual..+ lens for b/w mostly...

Hate authority, speed camras, BOLOTICS, soaps, la_ers lol. Ferget, lifes too short..

Intresting thnx Nick, more rabbits in hat ? haha

clean living agrees with you guys.. congrats !

vorce......., from the Latin word meaning to
rip out a man's genitals through his wallet."
--Robin Williams

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Hey bobc thanks for sharing such a personal thing. My father was a drug addict for almost 30 years, about four months ago he accepted Jesus and he has change quite a bit. Anyhow, God bless you for having the strenght to share such a personal thing. You have my respect and rest asure my prayers.

Name: Juan Milla

Age: 24

From: El Salvador (born and raise there)

Favorites: Volleyball, soccer, photograqhy and 3d animation

What am I here in the US?: To go to school.

What am I going to school for?: Psycology and 3d animation.

Music I like: Worship.

Books I read: Not many, dont like reading.

Food I like: Sushi, Indian, Peruvian and of course Pupusas (a typical salavadorean food made with tortilla cheese beans and pork)

Cameras: fz1 and fz10.

Goals in life: To serve God with my career by helping people with drug addiction problems.

That's all

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Hey nick this topic was a good idea.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Thanks for your topics and reply they are very helpful (at least to me).

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Juan
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hello my name is lloyd prudhomme 54 years old
favorite musicians are miles davis ..john coltrane..blakey,monk,freddie hubbard..and the man jimmi hendrix..i like pavoratti. brightman and bochelli...favorite rock groupzs are black sabbath ..ted nugent and stevie ray.
favorite beer is hieneken ...hard stuff i love crown royal
i love fishing the santa monica bay and mexico...
sports i played tournement tennis competivly now i play for funsies
when i was younger i burned the candle on both ends and played the game of death.so each day i wake to see the sun it is another blessing''
i'm a pipefitter by trade...currently i'm a pure water service tech..for us filter..something i very much enjoy..
i am a native son..resideing in los angeles california..
hobbies are photography and wood working..
i enjoy coming to steve's forum and picking up pointers that will make me a better photograhper...
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Nancy Gabby,

If you are looking for the perfect still, and that is your selfportrait..I think you found it. Now..do you need a perfect guy to go along with it? :?


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Hi all.

1. Movies : All Genres.. I like Michael Moore Documentaries as the guy has balls to do the things he does.. No Jackass the movie wasnt so inspirational !

2. Books : Self tutorial ones..Love Web Design, Flash, HTML, Action Scripting, JavaScripting and the works.. Not a nerd..but I love the world wide web.

3. Foods : Mostly all Junk food. Dont have time to cook and hate cooking too - too time consuming..so have to eat out often.

4. Cameras: Have a Nikon SLR and now my Panasonic FZ20.

5. Education: Bachelor in Commerce, then Masters in Business Administration and didon the side as ahobbyMacromedia Certification in Fireworks, Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX.

6. Music : Well I like Dance Music.. and of course George Michael, Elton John, Enrique Iglasius, Christina Aquillera, Whitney Houston, Sade, Abba, Carpenters, PetShopBoys, P.O.D., Metallica, Enya, ENigma.... ahh so many.. I prefer to see Videos than listen..

7. My age.. well Im getting older and not wiser !!

8. My Location: Am in Canada.. Plan on migrating to the States later on.. probably Texas or Florida..as I the weather there - Uhmm not the hurricanes and tornandos though !

9. Drink : Just love the ole screwdriver... Can sitdown and sip away and let myselfgo to another world... Sometimes one thinks, whats in the world..Rest - Job - Rest.. ahhh the monotony !!!

Thats about it...

Nice Forum and I do visit here often..Wish I could take more pics but havent had the time to do so.. Plan on taking up a Photography Course..with NYI .... Maybe will change professions...and getout of the monotony of daily life...

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