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eysha Jul 25, 2013 10:37 AM

Local Park taken on TZ30
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I went to the local park on Wednesday and took these shots. Comments welcome for improvment and education.
I PP'd then using levels only and reduced them to 700 for size but left the resolution as was.
Colours don't look well so how do i make them better?

eysha Jul 25, 2013 10:39 AM

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posting the rest. Last two.

saly Jul 25, 2013 7:09 PM

Really like the last 2 eysha. What a lovely park!

eysha Jul 26, 2013 6:21 AM

Thanks Saly, but how to improve them is the question, lol.

jjdog2 Jul 26, 2013 10:04 AM

Can't see any EXIF data in the shots so it is hard to give feedback on how to improve. These where taken on a very cloudy that makes it more of a challenge.

Just a couple of things in general:

Always use PP to straighten the shots.

Work on the POV of your shots. I think #1 would be much better taken more to the left showing more of the train. In #4 the boat should be the focal point of the image and not in the bottom of the frame.

And the most important thing is keep shooting. :)

Ozzie_Traveller Jul 26, 2013 6:28 PM

G'day Eysha

You have the makings of some lovely images here -

I note that you are shooting with an overcast day - so two things will happen here
a) the bright clouds will absorb the warmer colours of the rainbow, and
b) the bright clouds will 'trick' the camera into giving a slightly underexposed image

cc if I may...
Your 1st image shows us lots of activities within this theme park / playground -but- my attention is drawn to the children's train whose bright colours are a bit muted via the cloudy day

By cropping to concentrate vision onto the train and using pp "colour & saturation" [via Ctrl-U] I have added 20% saturation to the image and this is the result

Is this any good?

You might like to try this with other images - and maybe brighten some where the clouds have darkened the landscape bits

and as always - others here will offer their thoughts as well
Regards, Phil

Grounded Jul 26, 2013 6:28 PM

I can see your problem, you have a good eye for composition, but they are not sharp and do not stand out and grab you, the solution is to use the widest aperture in A mode, 100 ISO, and support the camera on a fence post, or anything convenient, other settings that you could try are minus 1/3 exposure value, White balance on Cloudy, or shade, even if it is sunny. use area, or centre weight exposure and do not rush, wait for the camera to focus before gently pressing the button, Now go out and take 10 shots of the same thing and write down what you did. Eysha, if you do not get some sharp keepers then your lens is very dirty or the camera is faulty, I believe it is just your settings. good luck.

saly Jul 27, 2013 1:08 AM

OK eysha, you want C&C, here goes.

As others wrote, you were shooting on a cloudy day which makes it very challenging to capture colors. Did you try the "Cloudy" White Balance setting? Sometimes that help. Otherwise you need to increase saturation in PP software. As for your images:

The first shot, I find the slide in the background a little distracting. Maybe shoot the train from a different angle.

I really like shot #2 of the lake

I don't really find the slide very attractive. Maybe get close and catch kids sliding as action photos?

Next one of the swan boat is nice.

The boat with flowers is pretty, I just find the coffee cart distracting. Maybe shoot from a different angle.

I like the last two scenery shots.

Ozzie_Traveller Jul 27, 2013 6:11 PM


You are asking for feedback & education - so may I put on my educator's cap

1) you are travelling with the TZ30 which has a good zoom lens
2) many of these images appear to me could benefit from more use of the zoom lens &/or some 'vote-with-your-feet' relocation of camera's position
3) many of the images appear 'grab' shots rather than 'photographically-created' images
4) the weather / heavy clouds will negatively affect both the exposure and the White Balance ~ each needs to be adjusted as required

Okay - images as to camera use:-
#1 - could you have stepped 3-4 steps to the left to reposition the train and erase the brightly coloured slide from the background?
#4 - it seems to me that you've left the moment a tad too late - the swan boat is already leaving the centre-of-photo. Could you have taken it a moment earlier? or could you have walked 3m to 5m to the right and reshoot it as it came into the camera frame for a 2nd time?
#5 - what are you trying to show me? ... the bollards lying on the grass or the flowers in the old row-boat? or the child having a drink of coffee? I think that the rowboat & flowers was what caught your eye - if this is the case could you have moved to camera-left to erase the coffee cart? - could you have zoomed in closer to concentrate on the flowers? - could you have walked onto the grass near the rear of the boat and got a closeup of the flowers?
#6 [section-2] - again ... what are you trying to show me? If the flowers have captured your eye then show me the flowers - show me the bloke walking through the flowers

And images as to Histogram & pp:-
You mention that you have used Levels on one or more of these images...
The histogram that comes to life via Levels shows us many things - 'dark bits' plus 'bright bits' and 'middle bits' of the image as a whole

While most people tell us to 'slide the Shadows pointer &/or the Highlights pointer inwards till they meet the histogram, few people tell you about moving the centre Midtones pointer to fine tune the exposure

I invite you to do this with several of your images ~ click the mouse onto the number 1,0 in the Midtones values box and then use the keyboard arrows to up/down so that you can get precise results

Here's image #2 where the midtones pointer has been moved from 1,0 to 1,6

Here's image #6 where is seems to me your image options are

Here's image #7 where is seems to me your image options are

To conclude, I think that you have lots of possibilities here
Some comes down to 'seeing photographically' before pressing the button; others come down to a bit of alternate pp after the event

I trust that this is helpful to you

virtual hugs to a lovely lady

eysha Jul 28, 2013 3:16 PM

Oh wow, thank you all for the really helpful comments i do so appreciate them all.
Phil, i like what you have done with my image 2, much improved so i will try that - thank you.
The train was a grab shot. I do like the way you have cropped the others too so all taken on board and again thanks. Feel free to comment all the time please.
I just found these comments so sorry for the late reply.

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