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My mother passed away in March and my brother and I are clearing up the house in anticipation of selling it. I came upon seveal albums of old photo albums and would to scan them. The bulk of them are B/W and if we print any most will be smaller than 8.5"x11". I have been advised not to look into the flat bed scanners that can also do slides due thir being very slow and not all that sharp. I was looking at a Epson V100 that can be found for about $100.00 +/-. Any recomendations or feed back would be appreciated.

Here is a picture of me and my fellow 3rd graders. Did you ever see such clean desks? If you dared to put your name on a desk back then you may as well add R.I.P. above your name. For this photo the boys hd to wear their white shirt and red tie as on assembly day.


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Very nice. Brought back memories of second grade 1950 or 51. Same type desks. Even the room looks familiar. Did you also have "THE" George Washington picture? The one we never see anymore, but when I was in school, every classroom had it.

And did you all also have what was called the cloak room? LOL

P.S. Your photo is dated 1956. You were integrated quite sometime before us.

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On the left behind the teacher Ms. Spiro are the sliding doors to the coat closet.

There is a picture of Lincoln on the back wall (your left).

The NYC public schools were always intergrated.

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If you are wanting to scan slides you may be correct about the flatbed scanner ....But I had a scanport scanner years ago and scanned many slides and was very happy with the results. That scanner had a separate attachment for slides.....but I would think that with all the advancements in scanning and printing the newer models would be more than satisfactory.....

I am fond of Canon scanners and printers...but I am sure most any scanner will do a fine job.

If you are not worried about slides almost all the new scanners deliver very nice results.
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The Canon LiDE 600F is an excellent scanner. It's a little more, I found one for $129.99 a couple of months back but itis faster than my old HP and does a better job. Still, probably any of the newer,scanners would do a good job. I just like Canon printers and scanners.

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If you were close enough to be able to collect it I'd give you one.

About a year ago I replaced my older Epson GT8500 scanner (originally cost $2000+) and it's still sitting on the shelf -- no one wants it.

For b/w prints it's excellent -- they come out tack sharp.

You might find one on Ebay or somewhere for next to nothing -- make sure you get the SCSI card and cable with it, though.
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