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The problem that Panasonic have is that they've pitched the cam at the D200 and 30D and if the L1 isn't in the same ball park in terms of IQ, features and price then people will just buy something else. Now if they had added say a tilt-swivel LCD for example like the FZ30 then that would have added value to the camera and in my opinion was a mistake to omit. I'm going to wait and see what the reviews will be before parting with any cash - my FZ10 has done me really well up to now so I won;t be rushing out to replace it just yet.

My only real concern with Pana as a DSLR manufacturer would be on firmware updates - Oly, Canon and Nikon post updates as and when required to fix issues or to even add features but with panasonic they are a unknown quanity apart from the with the digicam's were we all know they won;t provide them.



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Whole thing might well be a ploy to drive the fz-30 price back up considering how low it went. Once it is not available for a time the demand may peek and than, low and behold they decide to allow another production run due to the "high demand" for the model. Just thinking aloud of course.
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