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chris728 Feb 15, 2012 1:20 AM

Lumix FZ35
Hello all! This is my first post and I have to say I am confused as crap about the lens stuff for my camera. I have the Lumix DMC-FZ35 and have had it for about a year now, I got a fisheye with it and have a couple filters from old cameras that do not fit and I have actually just been laying the filters over my lens to get the filter effect so far.

I have been looking at the Cokin P series and have not seen anyone with a lumix online that uses a The Cokin products, which has lead me to believe that the Cokin is not compatible with the Lumix which was one of my question, is it compatible with the FZ35?

It looked to me as long as you have an adapter or a step up of some kind to the proper adapter the Cokin uses then the system would work for the Lumix but I wanted to be for sure.

My Lumix came with a plastic ring adapter and I have 2 other adapters that go to 58 mm which is what my fisheye is. Another question is, according to the lens on my camera it says 27mm but my adapters do not actually attach to the lens they thread around the outside of the lens I guess you would say. So what is the size of the ring outside the len?

This is the camera which says 27 mm (everywhere I am reading online it's saying 46 mm?)

Here is the Plastic ring on the front of the camera

Here is the rings that came with my fisheye

And here are the filters I use but they don't fit I just lay them over (just thought I would add the to show you)

So My questions are:
Does any of the Cokin products work with the FZ35
and if so given what adapters I have already what other adapters or converts would I need to purchas.


What is the deal with the 27mm?

Thanks in advance for all the help!

Raghu Feb 15, 2012 1:49 AM

The 27mm refers to the wide-angle of the camera lens at 'no' zoom. Don't confuse it with the adapter-thread-dia measurements.

Grounded Feb 15, 2012 3:08 AM

The cokin system uses square filters which slide into a frame that is attached to the front of your lens by threaded rings, your lens must have a thread, the cokin set comes with different size rings, I am not familiar with your model but it looks like it has no thread, in which case, hard luck.

chris728 Feb 15, 2012 7:04 AM

The camera has a plastic threaded ring which is screwed on around the outer part of the lens (shown in the first picture) and I am able to screw on my fisheye lens with this. The adapter says 58mm on it. So I would think as long as I have a Cokin 58 mm adapter then it would work.

Tullio Feb 15, 2012 2:56 PM

The adapter is 58mm while the filters are 52mm. So, you need what's called a stepdown ring (58 to 52). You attach the ring on your adapter and then you can screw your 52mm filters on it. Keep in mind that as you add rings/filters, you may create vignetting (darkness around the corners) particularly at the widest angle of the lens (27mm in this case). Another thing to keep in mind is that filters added on top of each other will deteriorate image quality (no matter how good the filters are). So, I know it may be inconvenient but I'd use one filter at a time. The UV can stay mounted at all times if you want to protect the lens but when you wish to use a different filter, I'd remove the UV first. Lastly, I have Cokin filters and they are round. I have a set of 4 that are 46mm, so they screw right on the lens, no need for adapters and/or step rings.

Ozzie_Traveller Feb 15, 2012 3:43 PM

G'day Chris

Oh mate - have you got it bad ! > but welcome to the confusing club of photographic terms and confusion

My missus & I have been Panny users for some time, love 'em and so may I confuse you some more :)

Every lens has a focal length - think of a magnifying glass and how you can move it to & fro a subject and it comes & goes from being clear & in focus. The distance between the lens and your eye [or film/sensor in the case of the camera] is the focal length of the lens and it's always shown in millimetres ... thus the FZ35 being shown as " 27mm > 486mm [equivalent] ". The 'equivalent' is the comparison to a film camera lens, and shown so that you can compare notes with canon or nikon or whomever regarding their zoom lens size

However, screw-on accessories are shown / measured by the diameter of the screw thread - so your accessories are all of varying sizes

Firstly to your images
#1 = The zoom lens & the plastic ring - this ring is 56mm thread diameter into the camera body and 55mm thread diameter on the outside, so that 55mm diameter filters and 'simple' close up lenses can be fitted. Overall it is not much use to you - it is only meant for use when the camera lens is at 1x zoom

#2 = The plastic ring is one of Pannys giveaways to confuse us 'togs. The world of photography uses coloured filters, close up lenses [like a magnifying glass], and more expensive & heavier accessory lenses costing $250+/- each. To use these filters & accessory lenses they need to be installed onto a tube that attaches to the camera body rather than the movable lens - you don't want to burn out the zoom lens motor

#3 = I don't recognise this one

#4 = these coloured filters come from black & white film days, where the colours altered the shades of grey as seen by the film. If you use them today all you will get is orange or red or green [whatever] images

Suggestions -
Chuck away the coloured filters - dunno about the fisheye thingo
Keep the plastic ring thing just in case you ever decide to buy a $250 super-wide-angle accessory lens
Buy yourself the correct adapter - called the Panny LA3 adapter, $20 from B&H ... it's about 35mm [1-1/2"] long, that allows you to use 55mm diameter filters and other bits including the cokin system of filters - while still having all the zoom lens availabe to you

The cokin system has the lens adapter then the filters
The lens adapter consists of 2 parts - the lens filter screw-in bit [you buy a 55mm diameter size] and the square filter holder, then you buy the coloured filters that you want to use

It gets easier once the first bits of information have a place to stay in the grey-matter :eek: :eek:
Regards, Phil

chris728 Feb 15, 2012 6:31 PM

3rd picture is the adapter that came with my fisheye lens, if I try to screw the fisheye directly onto the plastic ring it will not fit. I have to screw the (3rd picture) adapter onto my plastic ring and then screw the fisheye onto the (3rd picture ring) so it goes
Lumix FZ35 \ Plastic Ring \ Metal (picture 3) adapter \ Fisheye . Basically after all these adapters go on I have a huge black ring on the outside of my picture lol!

But anywho, Let me make sure I have this correct. I need to buy an LA3 adapter to attach to my camera body, then buy a cokin 55mm adapter along with the square filter holder and all should be well? Am I correct

Ozzie_Traveller Feb 16, 2012 3:13 PM

G'day Chris

Okay matey - you have lots of bits to play with
Seems to me that the existing plastic ring + the fish-eye metal tube 'might' do the job - tho like anything in this world > the more joins you have, the more problems you encounter

The LA55 ring will/seems to replace the 2 items above and take 55mm diameter accessories
?? If they make a LA58, it will take 58mm accessories - but I don't know enough

Regarding Cokin stuff, the lens adapter is in 2 parts - the square plastic filter holder and the circular lens thread adapter. You buy either the "Cokin Z" 'pro' kit taking large filters or the "Cokin A or P" 'amateur' kit taking small filters [I have the "A" kit] then buy the lens thread adapter - you will need the 55mm adapter for the LA55 tube

Have a sqwiz here ... for more info

You might also look up B&H or Adorama [etc etc] to see what they've got for starter kits - tho don't get sucked in by 6-8-10 filters that you'll never use.

For my day-to-day photos, I leave the LA55 tube on the camera permanently - it becomes a nice lens hood and when I need a filter or close-up lens, I just screw it onto the tube and away I go

Hope this helps somewhat
Regards, Phil

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