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Default Lumix Micro 4/3..... or DSLR?

I bit off topic: I see this caused quite a stir in the media ...... but a must read for anyone
in this forum who is considering a DSLR vs a Lumix Micro 4/3 camera


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Interesting article- though a DSLR still has a number of advantages over a compact/mirrorless camera. They can(arguably) take more abuse,having a more robust construction- in part,due to simply having more room to insert your electronics,potentially yielding more protection. They also handle far better- being heavier seems to reduce natural handshake. They also have a far better layout with regards functionality- with access to most common adjustments merely one button and a dial away(beats trolling through menu's). Also there is ROOM for these buttons on the larger DSLR.
Don't get me wrong though- I'm all for ditching mirrors and the necessary mechanicals/electronics- they are indeed prehistoric,not to mention noisy- and a high resolution viewfinder is fine by me. And if the image quality of the 4/3 sensor can just come up to an APS-C sized sensor- certainly in the higher iso stakes- then the G3 would seem like the perfect camera- provided it has fast autofocus and a decent continuous fps rate...
And maintaining "live view" in HQ burst mode would be nice...

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Has the mirrorless then replaced the DSLRs once for all or just nudged them a bit?
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