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well i did give in, i bought a nikon d50 after owning the fz5 since october '05. i purchased it with the 18-70mm lens and the 50mm 1.8 is supposed to arrive today. let me say what a different world it is. being able to shoot high iso, more flexible Dof, and just the size diff, its so much better to hold in your hand, feels like a tool not a toy. I have kept my fz5 for those times hwere i need a smaller cam, or something i feel more comfortable exposing to adverse conditions. its a good cam, but its not as robust as i would like.

reason i chose to go with the d50 over othehr dslr:

couldnt justify spending the more cash on the d70, the added features werent that importannt to me, dof preview, and fine white balance tuning.

Digital rebel: felt like a toy and too small. also dindt like the fact that canon had nothing to compare to the 18-70 in terms of range and price level, they have the 18-85 IS but its wayyyyy to expensive for me.

20D/30D, just oto expensive, and just dont like the feel of the canons

Olympus e500: i was acutlly gonnan buy this one when i started looking at dSLR. I like the size and feel of it, but i coulndt get over the fact of 4/3 system, the lenses are expensive and there is not a wide selection. i also dindt like the fact of the smaller senser and higher noise.

any pentax: just too darn small. also didnt lik eteh fact that they used AA batteries, and not a rechargable lithium ion. Also didn't like their lense selection.

I am very happy so far with teh D50, ive only had it a few days, but i can tell its ognna be a fun trip. Now i just need more money to get myself a tele lense and a macro lens and a flash or two...man i coudl spend every pay check i get this summer on camera stuff....must resist the urge...

I ended up buying a new body for 550, you can get a refurb one for 409 if you so desire, 550 was a bout the cheapest the new ones come from reputable dealers, but i know ritz/wolf cam, has asome deals right now on d50 packages so you could check that out. I payed 230 for the lens off of this guy up the street from me, but you can also get them for about 300 new from cameta or about 280 from online dealers, i liked it alot more than the 18-55, just b/c of build quality, weight, the extra reach, full Af-s, and internal focus. The 18-55 inst abad lens, just not as robust as i would have liked.

also the 8mp vs 6mp, isnt a big deal, its only a 12% resolution difference, and really woudlnt be seen unless you do super croping or very large prints.

anyways, thats jsut my two cents.
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Congratulations Dave! You made the right choice! I think you'll see a big difference right away in the way the camera handles and performs compared to your FZ5. Any questions I can help you with let me know, and let me know what you think about the camera after you've taken some shots! Have fun, Jim
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