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Old Jan 11, 2006, 2:56 PM   #1
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sois this a FZ-series forum only??? or do some of you use the compacts as well??


anyways, so i am looking for a backup for my dslr system.. more of a carry around everywhere when having a big camera is not an option..

so one of the cameras i am currently considering is the LX-1 from Pany.. looks to have good resolution, with a nice lens the 28mm at the bottom end and image stabilization is a real bonus, and seems responsive from the reviews..

anyone with hands on experience.. give me some of your thoughts on the responsiveness, handling, image quality etc..

thanks much,
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Old Jan 12, 2006, 3:56 PM   #2
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yeah, I also wish there were more users sharing their lx1 experiences...

still considering the lx1 as well, it would seem for the features it's a great camera, but there are many complaining about the noise in the pics...so, from that end I'm still undecided, well, ok, the price is high as well :-(

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Old Jan 12, 2006, 9:22 PM   #3
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I got my LX1 a week ago. I initially ordered one via Amazon.com back in late July the LX1 was announced and availible for pre-order. The Sept 26th ship date passed and it looked like it wasn't to be released in the US until mid to late November. Since my vacation was to be in October, I cancelled the order because I wouldn't get LX1 in time. While on vacation, my Casio EX-Z3 ultra compact stopped working. So, I went 2 1/2 months without a camera with me at all times. When, I saw the LX1 for $489, I ordered one. I also have a Panaonic FZ1 and FZ20.

About the LX1, I really like it. The native 16:9 CCD is a very interesting idea. I like the wide aspect ratio. The switch on the lens to set the aspect ratio is very handy. The control stick is very convenient. Holding it down brings a quick menu.

I like the weight of the LX1. It is heavy for a an ultra compact. I like that. The huge lens sticking out on the front is combersome, though. It creates a buldge in my pocket. The lens catches on the zipper in my waist pack when I try to take the LX1 out. I haven't worked out a way to hold the LX1 so it feels confortable, yet.

OK, I do have talk about noise. Yes, the LX1 is very noisy. There is more noise than I would expect even at ISO 80. I wish, Panasonic had put in 6MP 16:9 sensor instead of the 8.4. at 1/1.6" in size, it could have acheived higher ISOs if it was 6MP. Despite the noise, PSP X or NR specific programs do a good job removing most of the noise without to much detail lost.

Other than that, the exposure is very good as well as WB. Besides NR removal, I have had to do very little PP.

I am glad I finally got the LX1 and plan to use it a lot. Do you have any specific questions?

Enjoy life,
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Old Jan 12, 2006, 10:57 PM   #4
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that was good information, that is the kind of things i was looking for...

seems to mirror thoughts i have heard on the pany forum over on dpreview.. many LX1 users over there.. they all love their camera's despite the noise.. because of the great lens, wide aspect ratio, and good midsize feel to it..

i shoot alot of black and white, esp with street, impromptu type things, which is what i will use this cam for.. i have my 20d for when i am shooting in low light, or setting things up more.. so a little noise acutally can add a little to a mono image..

plus, i was happy to note that the build 59 of RawShooter Premium includes support for the Lx1.. and i love the noise reduction in that program.. i find the images sharpen up rather nicely if you apply the noise reductionin RAW conversionand sharpen later in Photoshop with my other cams, soi figure that will be a good method for the Lx1 as well.. (it is also a great method for your FZ30 users too)

thanks for the hands on report!
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Old Jun 4, 2006, 1:06 PM   #5
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I've had my LX-1 for quite a while now and my images are quite soft. They've always been. It's very noticeable. I'd love to see some other unprocessed images so I can make a comparison. If anyone has any full-size,unsharpenedimages hosted somewhere, I'd like to see how they look. I'm trying to figure out what I should do.

It's pretty disheartening seeing everyone else's "amateur" point-and-shoot photos on the web - with cameras of lesser quality - and see how sharp they are compared to mine.

Thanks in advance...


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Old Jun 4, 2006, 2:21 PM   #6
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Hi Dustin and Tony

I'd hold off a bit before getting an LX1 if you can as they have basically been discontinued (the Leica D-LUX2 definetly has as they sold all of the ones manufactured for them) and what you see in the stores is what's left in the retail channel. I was told by my local photography store the same thing to hold off as a new model would be introduced in the next couple of months.

Tony not sure why the images look soft, most shopts that I've seen from the LX1 seem to be tack sharp - but take a look at these galleires on the LX1

http://paulobizarro.com/home.asp - although I'm not sure if tehy were all taken with the LX1 (no exif info)


Wayne Pease has some pretty nice LX1 shots and they start around here:


You want to read Sean Reid hands on review of the D-LUX2/LX1 on reidreviews.com (its asubscription service just $20) and he really likes it if you work in RAW.

Finally, Skip Hunts gallery :




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Old Jun 4, 2006, 4:00 PM   #7
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Had my little friend since last October. I have really enjoyed it. And for two trips was the primary camera.

I have found the 16:9 format is greate. Cant even shoot anything below that. Feel like I was shooting with blinders on.

Not an expert in any measure. And 99% of the photos here are the smap shots when you shoot RAW. All setting are set to STD. And mostly in P mode.

Normally sharpen, if ever, in PP.

Here are some of my photos at...

If you get one. I recomend spend the money for the Panasonci leather case. Beats hands down any of the small generic cases you can find. Keeps it pocket size easy to unlock and alouse use without scraping when you get to the camera. Look in my site under Camera Tech.

Small samples....

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