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Our son needed a P&S camera at college for some projects, so my compact camera (Canon SD500) has taken a walk. Last week while packing for a trip to DC, there was just no way I had room for the dSLR, so I just went without.

I have been quietly looking for a compact for a replacement for some time now and the LX3 appears to pretty much fill the bill. I do mostly wide angle so the 24mm lens would be great - and would not miss much beyond the 60. The low light f2 - 2.8 would be helpful too along with the 16x9 and the IS, with 10MP being about right.

I have read about the lens cap, and the joy stick, along with the raw format and lack of a good converter (I use Bibble, so I can wait a while). Its not as small for a pocket as the SD500, but again there is not much out there that services this nich. The movie mode not focusing and zooming makes it somewhat of a worthless feature. I have read various comments ranging from it's great to it's a POS - so I guess you either like it or hate it. This week I plan to find a store that carries Panasonic so I can try it out for myself - I just need to take the time.

There does not appear to be a great deal of opinions here on the LX3 - Yes, I read about going over to dpreview, but I have always received better information here.

So what are some thoughts or alternatives?

Also, what sort of product cycle does Panasonic use - or how long of a wait until the LX4 appears? ... and does Panasonic usually fix their past fopaws?
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I just ordered a LX3, but have not received it yet. However, I did a ton of research before buying. It is not just a P&S camera, since it has full manual control (if you wish to use it). I also read about people complaining about the lens cap. However, having this type of lens cap also protects your lens a lot better than integrated covers. There are people who complain that they want a dedicated lens cap (like what they use for the LX3) instead of an integrated one, since integrated ones tend to break easily....so it really depends on what you like....and people will complain either way. I think the lens cap on the LX3 is better since it is more for professional photographers.

From what I read, the LX3 came out about 2 years after the LX2. It seems like they fixed the noise issues that people complained about in the LX2. Also, Panasonic just announced this week that they will have a new Firmware upgrade for the LX3 (on December 15, 2008) so the automatic white balance performs better and additional support for hot shoe flashes are added. This is a big plus, since a lot of reviews I've read complained about the auto white balance.

You really should check on dpreview. I got a lot of my info there since there are a lot of LX3 users in their forum. Anyways, the only alternative I really saw for the LX3 was the Canon G10...but you don't get the F2.0 or the 24mm wide lens.

In the end, after reading all the reviews and seeing some great IQ and dynamic range, I decided on the LX3. I can't wait to get it!
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