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Very nice shots, the LX3 seems to do a decent job at night.

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I believe this is a remarkable camera. It's a great choice for the camera that you always have with you.

About a year ago I chose a g9 for this use. It has served me well. Today? The lx3 would be at the top of the list.

(otherwise carrying a d80 and gear)
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Just a thought--years ago I bought a Leica table top tripod. It's less than a foot high with legs extended.
I also have the large Leica ball head.
It's a great combination for night shots.
And you can sometimes find it for a reasonable price on ebay.

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Default At the spur of the moment

I was lookin at these birds one day and I suddenly decided to take pictures of them. So, here it goes, at the spur of the moment decision.
Attached Images
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I have to apologize to all here, as I have not really kept up with the Panasonic forum since there is so little LX3 postings. So I am a day late and a dollar short here. I will try to catch up.

Originally Posted by mtclimber View Post

Well, to be really honest, I am i awe of your photos! Were they really all handheld, even the one at 6 seconds?? Come on, please be serious with me please! I have really been around for a good long time. Hand holding a 6 second exposure, does not seem to be realistic at all! Have I missed something??

Sarah Joyce
Sarah - No they are NOT all hand held, just the clock face image. For the rest I had to scrounge around for a bench, railing, wall or something to rest the camera on. Now I have found that technique is quite good, since if I did use a tripod, you will need a shutter release cable (there is one especially made for the LX3). Thank you very much for the very kind words - but I'm not that good!!!!

Yes, the LX3 is a limited capability camera. However, that is why it works so well. Other cameras are targeted towards other uses, as the LX3 is targeted to low light, wide angle landscape photography. It is not a replacement for a dSLR in any way. However, for me it complements a dSLR. There are times I can not take my Pentax K20 with me, and this fills in for those trips. Now the fastest lens I have for my Pentax is f3.5 and mostly f4. The f2 lens on the LX3 does supplement my Pentax lens collection in terms of lens speed. The LX3's sensor pixel density is 24M pixels/mm^2 as opposed to my K100 at 1M pixels/mm^2 and 4M pixels/mm^2 for my K20. However this is compared to 35M to 40M pixels/mm^2 for just about all of the other P&S cameras. So its sensor noise level is not to the dSLR range, but it is substantially less than the rest.

About the same time as this San Diego posting, I also posted another set of night images and they are here...


Again, using the LX3, set on something solid - no hand held, but with reasonable noise control.

For all of these images I used the IA mode, aimed the camera while resting it on something solid, and pushed the shutter. Now while doing this, I held my breath, and tired not to induce any movement, while trying to watch the back screen to see what the shutter time was. If it was too quick, I retook it. The LX3 has a count down shutter timer when it is over a second, so that you can see how it is progressing. I need to explore the manual mode a bit more, but I just have not pursued it since the IA mode is pretty good.

hope that helps....

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