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Default LX5 Auto mode

Hello everyone,

I just recently joined the site seeking some advice on my upcoming camera purchase, which is probably a LX5.

The thing is, I am completely new to these "advanced cameras" and will be primarily using it in Auto mode in the beginning. As this is going to be a family camera, it will be used in Auto quite a bit.

My question is, how does the LX5 perform as a P&S say compared to FZ40/100? in Auto mode? I know that is defeating the purpose of the camera but the larger sensor should make quite a difference according to me.

Any input will be much appreciated.

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The larger sensor will give you cleaner images when shooting in low light conditions (high ISO) while the FZ40/100 will give you the reach flexibility. I've always wanted to buy the LX3 (previous generation) but never did because of the zoom limitation. To me, that's the biggest disadvantage of the LX series over the FZ or m4/3. So, unless you are paranoid about noise and want a very small camera, the FZ models are more versatile and produce excellent overall results. Another option (if size is a concern) is to get the GF1 (prices have come down considerably now that the GF2 has been announced). It will give you better image quality and the ability to add some long-reach lenses.

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Like Tullio, I, too, wanted a camera with improved low light level performance for use in the house -- new grandchildren. Despite misgivings about the inadequate 2.5 x zoom on the LX-3, I bought the camera. Later, I also bought the FZ-35 for general use and outdoors ultra-zooming. I have been happy with the LX-3 for its light weight and ease of use (though it is much too easy to move buttons and wheels unintentionally). i agree with Tullio; in practice, the tiny 2.5x (24-60 mm/35 mm equiv.) zoom cripples its use. The LX-5's zoom range (24-90 mm) should be much more versatilel. The LX-3 has not produced much magic for me under low light conditions but it seems better than the FZ-35 in low light.
In continuous search for better gear, I have also bought a Panasonic DMC G-1, with a bigger sensor than either of the two earlier Panasonics. I find that setting up shots with the more complicated G-1 takes so much time I miss them all together. Each of these cameras has at least one drawback that has cost me good pictures. The ideal tradeoff seems to be always out of reach -- and receding.

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i went through the same consideration and ended up happily with the FZ-40. Every camera has trade-offs. You have to determine the camera that provides the best compromise for you and your photo needs.

Sarah Joyce
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This is probably not much help. But I have both the LX5 and the FZ100 I have had the fz100 for about 2 months and the LX 5 for 2 weeks. One thing I really love about the lx5 is I have a lowpro case that hooks onto my belt so I can take it with me to most of my indoor events and when I need it its there. I also like that it is a little bigger than most small P&S so I can keep my big fingers out of the shot. I have a lot to learn about both cameras. So far I have got some decent shots with LX5 indoors no flash as long as nobody moves. The flash so fart I have found very bright and washes out the color. The camera does OK in IA mode but not always. especially indoors without flash it is a crap shoot. I still like them I just need to learn to make the most of them. What is also nice is you have alot of options to go to all manual mode if you want to get creative. Just my opinion
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quack and popellis-

As I mentioned previously, it is much better to stay away from the IA Mode, particularly indoors and to instead use the "P" or Programed Auto Mode when using the LX5.

The LX5 is a very good camera with a larger imager. However, the LX5 is a much more demanding that most point and shoot camera. The LX5 is targeted to photo enthusiasts who have mastered the photo craft, therefore it is not especially good when using its auto modes.

Sarah Joyce
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