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First, perhaps I should introduce myself. I've had my FZ20 since April last year (my first step into the digital dimension) and love it! It was reading the love for the camera on this forum which convinced me that it was the way to go. I've been lurking in the background here on and off ever since, picking up hints, tips and advice from other people's experiences.

I keep reading threads about macro photography, add-on lenses and such like and love some of the results I've seen. Yesterday I read the thread about the home made approach so thought I'd have a go. I didn't much fancy pulling apart my binoculars (or doing anything destructive for that matter) but I did wonder if I could use my old SLR lenses reversed.

I experimented with my 50mm and 135mm fixed focus lenses (see below.) As I don't have a conversion ring which would actually allow me to attach them backwards (does such a thing exist?) I had to hold them against the lens with one hand and hold the camera in the other. I was careful to make sure that it was only the rims of these lenses and my FZ lens - I don't want to scratch anything!

Anyway, here are the results I got.

First I tried the 50mm lens - this was very hard to use hand-held giving me some interesting camera shake!

After a bit of experimentation with this I tried the 135mm lens and found it much easier. By this time I'd worked out to use f8 to increase the depth of field and I fired as much (on-board) flash at it as I could in order to reduce the camera shake.

I think this one is the best on I got.

Next I had another go with the 50mm lens, using the small aperture and flash again

The 50mm lens will prove difficult to master - I'd have to zoom in further to reduce the vignetting (unless I accept it and call it art )

Anyway, this experimentation was great fun. If an adaptor ring does exist to allow me to properly attach the lenses I will certainly buy one and I'll spend some time chasing other subjects.
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Welcome Vrajgh

you must search for a male-to-male adaptor ring.
But I don't recommend to take one for the Pentacon, because it's too small in diameter, although F/1.8. And with such a +20 diopter you'll have to use digital zoom to get rid of vignetting (the lens is too small). Instead you must search for something like a 50 or 55mm F/1.4 - F1.6 which has a thread diam. of 52-55mm (thus as large as your 135mm).

Better to use the rev. 135mm (=about +7,5, thus something like a Raynox DCR 250), so you'll need a male to male ring possibly with a 55mm thread on one side and a 62mm on the other (which will fit on the FZ20 hood via a 72-62 mm step down ring; or directly on the 62mm thread of Phayee or Pemaraal 3rd party FZ20 hoods).

You'll also need an external flash to light up, or a white paper held beside the lens to reflect on the subject the on board flash light

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Hi Vrajgh,

welcome to this forum.

It is never too late to leave the silent majority!

I like the home made attempts. Even this 50mm f 1.8 lens can be used if youtake the center part of the pictures.

Francesco has anwered you questions...

Good luck


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Thanks - I know of a number of friendly camera shops in the local(ish) area and will speak to them about a male-male adaptor ring next time I have the chance. Once I've freed up a hand (or possibly two if I borrow my Dad's tripod as well) I'll be able to play with improvised reflectors to light up the subject a bit.

I'll probably look into getting an external flash after that - it's something that's been on my (ever growing) wish list for a while.

Thanks again.
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I assume you live in UK (one pound coin in your photo) and the only place you can buy reverse coupler rings in UK is ebay, they cost around 5 pound + delivery.http://search.ebay.co.uk/search/sear...=macro+coupler

I didn't find them in any UK photo stores. maybe if you ask they could ordr some, but you'd have to wait couple weeks.
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