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willow1 Dec 23, 2004 8:51 PM

hi all

have a look at my fly gallery

squirl033 Dec 24, 2004 12:24 AM

silly question, perhaps, but...

How on earth do you get the fly to hold still while you park a camera lens an inch from its proboscis (flies don't have noses... :-))

willow1 Dec 24, 2004 2:07 AM

well i can tell you that fly's do get sleepy and it was 4:00 am so that one reason he was so still.......and while using the Nikon 6t macro lens you really are a foot or so away for the subject..and that helps........

thanks for looking


nzmacro Dec 24, 2004 4:49 AM

Hang on M8t, I'll have to get a coffee first and get back to you after I've been to have a nosey :-)

tchuanye Dec 24, 2004 4:52 AM

willow1 wrote:

hi all

have a look at my fly gallery

Excellent shots as usual.....I am speechless....

nzmacro Dec 24, 2004 5:09 AM

Excellent shots Will, brilliant DOF and love the details to bits. Great exposure Willow, superb shots and work. DOF, crop Willow ???. Yes we sometimes get them inside and they just seem happy. Early cold mornings is the time to get all sorts of insects napping. They slow right down with cold.

Anyway, EXCELLENT Willow. You just keep them coming M8t. Thats the new years resolution, LOL. All the very best up yonder, just gone Christmas day here, so MERRY CHRISTMAS my friend. :-)


bobc Dec 24, 2004 10:40 AM

private string GetOutcome(string strPostedBy, string strImageType)


string strOutcome = "";

if(strImageType.Trim().ToUpper() == "MACRO")


if(strPostedBy.Trim().ToUpper() == "WILLOW1" || strPostedBy == "NZMACRO")


strOutcome = "AwwwwSome...";




strOutcome = "Nice Shot... Keep Honing Your Skills...";



return strOutcome;


public void Main()


Screen.Print.GetOutcome("Willow1", "Macro");




smac Dec 24, 2004 11:40 AM

Will, those are really phenomenal. Un-freaking-believable. I teach science and have seen many close-up photos of the animal kindom and I have to say, I've seen none better than your pictures.
I am curious, one technique I know of to slow down insects so that they can be photographed is to but them in the freezer for about 30-45 minutes. It doesn't kill them but, they stay pretty quiet until the thaw out. Care to say whether this is the trick you use? Whatever you do the result is incredible.

Mucho Respect,

willow1 Dec 24, 2004 8:10 PM

thx all you guys

you all keep me fueled up!!!!!!!!!

steve i guess it being at nite a kinda cool like Danny says is why he was so still :G

and bob thx for the (code) got it!!!!!!!


nzmacro Dec 25, 2004 6:10 AM

Back again :-)Interesting compound eye Will, unusual that its smooth. Any ID on the fly ??. Whats the background for these shots Willow. Is it sitting on a shelf of some sort ???, what lighting ???, see just so many questions, LOL.

All the best and hope you and your family had a good one M8t. :-)


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