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shotgunbride wrote:
I'm so desperate for a good bug, I chased a spider around in my bathroom today begging it to pose!
Some bugs have all the luck.
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Old Feb 1, 2005, 4:51 AM   #12
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i think Nick that we have a situation of a lot of 'bugs' chasing bugs, just so they can use their 'g's' number what ever. why is everbody going mad on these things??? or is it that we're older folkshave more sense...... hey go an enjoy you loverly folks that have fallin on love wiff ya 'Gs'. I may add trhat I've just ordered mine......Lookin forward to the forum exploding wiff MACROS.
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I've been looking for the 4T -- haven't found it in Australia to date.

Thought last week I'd order it from B&H -- gave up the idea when I found their shipping cost to here (minimum $26 by slow mail, over $70 by DHL.)

This is for just ONE filter -- not half their stock!

By Global Priority airmail it would cost them five bucks, so they'd do quite nicely charging me ten -- and I'd have it in about four days.

Some people are just 'too' greedy.
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Old Feb 1, 2005, 5:09 AM   #14
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B&H does charge a lot for shipping but they are an excellent company. My kit cost $50 to ship but took two days to arrive and I could track it at every step! That is quality service.
I believe that a good macro lens is the single best item for extending the capabilities of the FZ series especially when you consider bang for buck. You will not be disappointed.
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