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They're so small: the only good thing is that they rarely/very slowly movemove...

Reversed 24mm is a challenge to use at 12x without blocking devices...
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I guess you used this reversed 24mm lens for your aphids.
50mm is not enough to get such a resolution.
My shots were taken with a 10* microscopic lens . The results with this lens were better than those taken with my 28mm reversed lens.

Ofcourse only parts of these eyes are in focus.


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Nice shots again Sven. Great examples.

The 24mm seems to give off quite a bit of diffractions. Notice the antenna in these and the light. Natural lighting, 24mm Canon @ F/5.6 and the FZ10 @ F/8

DOF is what we would expect and that combination of F/stops might well cause the diffractions. The 100mm is still the favourite with the 50mm second. 35mm could be a good compromise.........maybe :-)

All the best and that dimple has always fascinated me Sven. Very interesting thread thanks.


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thanks for the excellent addition Danny!

There is diffraction of course. Mounting a microscopic lens close to the FZ5 is not state of the art. The distance should be around 160-170mm for my lenses

I was using cheap LED torches. This is cold affordable light.

I am dreaming of a full size shot of these eyes now.

My microscope is ready to take over (and helicon focus).

It is a pity that I did not buy any aphids embedded in amber. I will search for one! Eyes are well preserved in amber:


My lenses are optimized for embedded material.......
But you can see that this "second eye" has four lenses pointing to different directions. But I don' t think it is spinning around ;-)

These were the drops I was searching for.
A little gift from the "cow" to the shepard:

After seeing these pictures a friend gave me a macrorail!
Thanks Axel!
My new equipment is much better now:
(the small part in the middle is the camera!)

- cheap tripod (weight)
- pneumatic release as a compensation
- I can use my lcd again !!!!!!
- macrorail (old east german production)
- flash diffusor (if needed)

Many thanks for all the nice answers!


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