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Narmer wrote:
Thanks to all.

Stoney I had thought it must have been a moth's rather than butterfly caterpillar.

It's starting to be cold also here in Italy so, unless some indoor experiment, it is nearly useless to carry with me 6T/5T outdoor now.
I envy persons like Tchuanye who may arguably shot at someinteresting insect all the year.

Nice caterpillar Narmer! Really looks like some jewellery on it with the reds and blues!

Well, each country would have its own pros and cons......its rather humid all year round here, and taking the pics of insects would make me break into sweat.....whereas at regions furhter from equator, its less humid,,,and even under the sun, you don;t break into sweat! You have four seasons to shoot different scenary etc.....so even there are no insects, there are nice weather to shoot!
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You are right Tchuanye, I can't really lament here as far as differences in biotypes.

Anyway you know I like catching snakes since I was younger and you have so many right there (although none of our vipers is as dangerous as many of the venomous snakes of the Malaysian and Indonesian and Australian environs).

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