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i would really like to buy the fz30, but i keep reading about the noise issue. if i would

shoot in the lower iso settings am i going to have any problems making a 8 by 10

print as i like to blow my photo's up to hang on walls.:cool:

eddie_dane Apr 7, 2006 8:24 AM

I have shot in 80-100 ISO with both the FZ20 and FZ30 and had very crisp, noise-free 8x10's.

squirl033 Apr 7, 2006 8:29 AM

don't worry about it. i have dozens of 8x10's made from my FZ20, and they look wonderful.i've even made prints at 11x14 with my FZ20 with no problem, and the FZ30 is no noisier than the '20. as you mentioned, shooting at ISO 80 or 100 will keep the noise to a minimum, though i've found there will still be some in deep shadows and sometimes in large areas of clear blue sky. if the noise is a concern, get yourself a noise removal program like Neat Image (they offer a free-download demo version that works very well) and you can clean up any noise issues easily.

in short, go ahead and get the '30 if it's what you want in other respects, and don't worry about it. you won't have any problem making beautiful 8x10 prints. Apr 7, 2006 4:16 PM

thanks for both of your replys, i think i'm going to order the camera this weekend:Dj. lighting

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