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Over the summer I have taken quite a few macros, a couple that I'm really proud of and I want to make some 12"x18" prints of them. I'm not sure however that the size/resolution/dpi of the FZ30 will allow me to make them that size while retaining a good quality.

Does anyone have any experience making prints from the FZ30 in this size that could comment on the quality?

The pictures I want to print at that size aren't cropped at all so I'll have the full resolution to work with (although in the end I'll have to crop slightly to fix the aspect ratio).

I really appreciate your advice on this,
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I dont think they will look to bad.

I had some 20 x 30 inch poster size pics done from a few images and they were fine, I wouldnt go that big again mind you as you can see a bit of pixelated noise detail when blowing them up so large :-) as it is pushing the image. It will look like whats on your screen really. When I zoom in a little bit on the Jpeg to the same size as the poster they look practically identical so if you see a little noise you may see that at this MASSIVE size. Its ust great to see my pictures so big. People who had much smaller images (3MP!) blown up at the same time as me loved them.

But 12 x 18 sounds a much better size thats for sure for our FZ30 camera and any issues I had with mine will not be as apparent on a smaller scale I am sure.
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I have had some 12 X 18 prints made from a 5MP camera. Printed by Costco. I increased the file size to about 38MB with Genuine Fractals. There are other ways to inctease file size What it does is prevent pixelization.

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As long as the original image is sharp and well exposed I think you could do very well at that size. With 8mp for a 12"x18" you are printing about 180 to 200 ppi, if I did the math right. That should be fine for a large print view at the proper distance. Here is a tread about this very topic but with 5mp images.


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Thanks for your help guys, I'm gonna get a couple done and see how they turn out. I appreciate all the advice and links!

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