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I have a 5 mega pixel camera and only print 10 x 15 cm. I don't do a lot of cropping either.

If I need to save memory card space and want to shoot at a lower resolution, how low could I go before the print quality will deteriorate? I also have a choice between ‘Fine' and ‘Standard' Quality. Should I stick to ‘Fine' which also takes up more space, but the quality is higher.

My choices are 2560x1920; 2304x1728; 2048x1536; 1600x1200; 1280x960; 640x480

Quality ‘Fine' or ‘Standard'

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10x15cm is only about 4x6". you can getacceptable prints at 1280x960. to figure maximum acceptable print size from a given resolution, divide the number of pixels by 200 to get the size of the print in inches.in this case, 1280/200=6.4, and 960/2=4.8, so you can make a nice 4x6 print.

keep the "fine" quality setting.
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Just another opinion but I would keep the Pixels and reduce the quality to standard.

I just do not see much difference in fine and standard unless you are doing a lot of processing.

And the 2048 X 1536 is about the same as a 3 mp camera and I would not go below that...but again its only my opinion

But the Ideal solution would be get more cards and/or a digital wallet.
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I agree with Gene. I see no difference between Fine (low compression)and Standard (high compression) quality. I keep my FZ5 on Standard and get 800 shots per 1gb card at full resolution.
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Some pics taked with my FZ10 at 1600x1200 have been printed up to 20x28 cm after some resizing in Photoshop (so yes, they were resized, but they were originally taken at 1600x1200, which can save space in your card... and later, your HD). Just a little bit of color correction (Levels + Hue/Saturation/Brightness, nothing else) added, and they looked OK.

I guess how big can you print a photograph does not depend only on the amount of pixels, but also on the pic being taken "well": in good light conditions, sharp, detailed. Some pics have to be printed smaller than they "should" so you don't notice flaws like noise, blur and such.

My $0.02

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Thanks to all for comments and opinions. Much appreciated!
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