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Sven, good to hear that.

O.K.-this group is for Pictures.

Admitted. (On the other Hand, besides you I found very few Germans on this group, but anyway), I´m looking forward to see your moon shots further improved (I did see the Jupiter shots, smoking!)!

Tried to get some BIF yesterday, I _thing it was a "Meise", but this bird was so damned fast! It seems to be nesting below a roof about 20-25m away. I can see it sitting there, preparing for the jump, I press the trigger, but I get only a flleeting glimpse of a bird div*ng down with wings pressed to the body-the next pictures show the rooftop only. But I´ll try some more shots today. Will not have the Hotel room next week, but hopefully I´ll get that Bird again a week later. Seems there are two of them feeding the young ones.

Will sift through the Pictures at the weekend, maybe someting usable is on one Picture. Boy, does that take patience and lightning fast reflexes!

Btw.-keep me (and probably soem others) posted on your findings concerning the bigger Version of the "Russentonne" (Maksutov-Cassegrain). I think most of them do have an adapter for 42mm camera optics? Do we have some Panasonic that would readily fit? Admittedly I am a bit uneasy about even putting a Tcon 17 on top of an FZ30 because of the protruding last lense. An old Nikon would probably be a solution, but maybe Panasonic has sth. suitable. As a sidenote, you beeing the father of all Building-Brick-Solutions (henceforth known as FBBS)-do you think or know of an Tube-type adapter to put filters etc on top of an LZ3? You know, the comnpat ones from Panasonic with extending optics? Would probably have to have a base glued upon the camera body. I found someting with hooks, that seemd to be griping insinde the corners of the Lens-protecting Iris when they open up. Ugly!

Btw. all clear at our End. The Nightshift payed off, new exciting products (no kidding, I´d like to see them shipped, without any Marketing hubub)can come up-the System is now prepared to bill/handle/hand out the rights to them.


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