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Default More bugs

couple of hoverflies : love these little buggers, zip into sight and come to an instant dead stop. hard to get a shot of though, this is the best i could manage : they're so small and in mid air that getting focus is a real matter of luck

found a lovely big web too, but due to light/angle it was fairly invisible so i decided to try spritzing it w/ water. the owner wasn't impressed :-( ran out the first time and twanged the web to try and clear it. the next time he just sat lookng, probably wondering what was going on.

woulda loved some better pics of his markings but he was off the vertical and too backlit.
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Very cool series!

Comments and suggestions for improvement welcome and appreciated.
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Beautiful series of very difficult shots!
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Originally Posted by catalex54 View Post
very difficult shots!
Yes, how did you focus on those? The spider pic is awesome too.
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the spider was alright, he was large (well, large for England!) and just sat there. the hoverflies, pure change, to be honest, like i said i just pointed the camera and more by luck than anything the camera picked it as a focus point - for each of those pics there was about 15 attempts that failed! we have some wasp-looking hovers that are far more sedate, they'll hover in a spot for a fair while and are sometimes very curious and will comes right up to you, these ones i've not seen before though, very shiny black and tend to hover in one place for only a couple seconds before zipping off again.
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I wish there had been a spider warning... that third photo gave me a nasty turn

Amazing capture of the hover flies, especially the first one.

I know what you mean about the hover wasps. On holiday in Swanage a few years ago, we often saw what looked like a small bee that just hovered in one place for a couple of minutes or so. Often when dozing in a deck chair I would open my eyes and see this little creature hovering approximately 12 inches from my face level with my eyes, and scrutinizing me ! It really did feel like I was under observation and that it was making eye contact ! Oddly, it always seemed to appear around midday each day.
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