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At the bottom of my goldeneye thread I asked a few questions about teleconverters, and will repeat here: What is a good one to get at a good price? I notice there is a C-180, a C-160, a TCON-17 and a few others. Thanks in advance.

But now, on with the show. I went back to the river today. It was brighter although too early for the sun to hit the water. Only 3 degrees F though, and steam was rising from the water. I took a few shots and then my fingers froze so it was time to go.

This guy ran along the water like this. Maybe I scared him. Notice all the mist rising off the river.

The one with the punky haircut is a meganser. Both of these ducks are ocean going ducks, by the way. I'm glad they see fit to come to Lake Michigan.

This guy spent a long time swimming around like this. I think he was hunkered down against the cold and found the river water warmer then the aire.

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Nice photos and I really like #2. He is so cute!!!
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I agree with Annie, number two is very nice.

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Thanks. I like number 2 myself. He looks like a punky teenager.

I went with bread today, figure it works for gulls so I would try it. Got geese and the sea ducks stayed way out. Uncropped picture with no zoom below. I made an arrow, on either side of the tip are goldeneyes so you can see how far away they hang out. Although, the pictures I posted they were closer as I was straight on to them then.

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Like the coloured refelctionon 1&3, but 2 is the nices shot of the duck.

I do not have a TC so cannot advise from direct knowledge. However I have seen this quoted often as a resource.


Heres his post on this forum


Some birding posts I have seen claim the nikon (TC-E17ED) is clearly the best of the bunch. However it is expensive and I believe hard to get. The Olympus (TCON-17) is probably next best and considerably easier on the budget. Of course there is always the Panasonic as well (LT55).
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Hi! Steve, like the punky teenager. As for the teleconverter, I use the TCON 17. I think Roger uses the Nikon TC-E17. While I believe the Nikon may well be a better TC, it is a bit more expensive than the Olympus. I am not sure, but the Nikon may also be larger and heavier than the TCON 17.
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As Jerry said, the TCON-17 is a nice teleconverter and it is the one I use most of the time with the FZ-50. The Nikon is supposed to be a little sharper but cost quite a bit more. If you are willing to put up with the vignetting the C-180 or C-210 can't be beat for the price. I have both the C-180 and C-210 and they work fine if your shooting something like birds and are only interested in the center portion of the shot. I also have the TCON-14B and while it works great on the FZ-20 it does not work well on the FZ-50.
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