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Default My FZ1 examples of photo from Russia

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I bought a FZ1 this month and looked at your nice pictures.
I want to know:

Does 'matrix(5)' mean Spot Mode? What is 'multi spot(3)'? How to set them?

How to know 'focal length'?

White Balance = (9) means what?

JPEG Quality = (3) means Standard Compression and (6) means Low Compression?

Exprosure Program = program (2) means use of PC software SD Viewer?

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I looked through all the photos you posted.
I did not start on night fotography myself.
By the way, the McDonalds by the Kremlin is gone now.
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Hi qxie.

The pictures produced by the camera have embedded in them EXIF information about camera settings, date taken etc etc. The pbase website which holds Andrew's pictures gives viewers the option to show below the pictures some of this information the site has extracted from the photos. It so happens "SD Viewer" (the program provided with the camera on CDROM) selects different EXIF information from each picture to display alongside it; for example, it does not include the "focal length" information. If you want more comprehensive EXIF information you can load Andrew's original photos into other programs. Irfanview is a free program with a lot of functionality. It is available from www.irfanview.com. You might need to download the plugins.exe file (which is a bit big) to allow you to get the EXIF info from files.
Alternatively the freebies below give you good EXIf info :
These programs interpret the numbers in the original EXIF data turning it into intelligible meanings. Perhaps it's a bit confusing really for pbase to be showing the original numbers alongside the interpretations.

Anyways, as it happens the camera has two metering modes : 5 represents the multi segment mode and 3 spot metering mode. These can be set from the camera's menu (except perhaps in Simple mode which might only allow multi segment metering).

The camera has a selection of modes for setting white balance. You can manually set a value, or set to auto and let the camera choose which of the settings. The most accurate is the final alternative: manually setting the white balance which I believe was done for Andrew's night shots.

I think you are quite correct about the jpeg compression value. Andrew's pictures are at the least compressed, highest quality setting.

Finally, exposure program 2 is a thorny one. Clearly Andrew took his night pictures using Night Portrait mode to get those slow shutter speeds yet 2 seems also seems to be used for Normal mode. I believe 6 means Action or Sports mode.
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Sorry for too late response.
Pbase.com give often incorrect information from EXIF.
For this purpose I use ACDSee5.0.
matrix(5) - means multisegment exposure metering (ordinary).
multi spot(3) - means SPOT metering.
focal length you can see using ACDsee.
For night scene I use "Fluorescence" or "manual" White balanse.
Jpeg quality is always on maximum level.
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Default New

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