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great point, Gene. as i've said before in other threads, the biggest factor in capturing a good photo is the photographer. themain advantages to DSLR's are lower noise, and usually faster focus and frame speeds, but they're expensive!! to get the same functionality that Rduve has here would cost thousands of dollars, not hundreds... and in many cases, all that money would not produce better pictures! i've seen shots taken with $5000 worth of camera and lens that were simply terrible, and i've seen photos from a $300camera that looked marvelous. i've also seen FZ20 pics posted in the same thread with DSLR shots, and i couldn't tell the difference... because the photographer knew how to make the most of his equipment. a DSLR and top-grade lenses can add a lot to the technical quality of a picture, but they don't make it a GOOD picture. only the person behind the lens can do that. as Audioedge pointed out, you can get better results from a DSLR, but just because the camera is capable of it doesn't guarantee it... and i love the fact that i can cover the same focal range with just my FZ20 that used to requirea bagful oflenses onmy Pentax SLR!
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The FZ30 pictures are indistinguishable on an 8.5x11 print from any DSLR, possbly even on a 13x19 print. They are clearly distinguishable, however, on screen, especially when croppeddue to the noisier (but generally sharper) output. But it's not a day and night difference whatsoever. Interestingly, my little Fuji F11 produces images often superior to a DSLR in clarity and color rendition. Only above ISO 400 do the DSLRs win the battle, and only on the noise level . In fact, I tested my friend who got the Minolta Maxxum 5D and asked him to guess which picture was which, comparing images from thethe Minolta 5D and Fuji F10/11. I emailed him samples from imaging-resource.com. He guessed them wrong. So, I am fine for now, with my two cams. Next year, or the year after, once the average DSLR costs $500 or less and a full-sized CMOS sensor with 12MP+ is the norm as well as in-camera IS, I might revisit the subject.

Ultimately, squirl is right, it is 90% the photographer, 10% the camera.

PS: Check out my gallery at http://euromaninla.zoto.com/galleries. No DSLR shots there, but quite decent work, I hope you'll agree.
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You've nailed it right on the head, I remember reading somewhere (possibly Luminous Landscape, photo.net, etc.) that at the end of the day its down to the photographer, a good camera+lens does help but the key to the equation is the person holding the cam. Some of the best photogalleries on Smugmug or pbase have been taken with prosumer/digicams and quiet a few with the good old FZ's.




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There are lots of factors to weigh up in the debate.

Its nice to have the best - If you can afford it. But most of us have to justify, (even if only to ourselves), the money we spend on hobbies.

Many years ago I saved hard and bought an Oly OM1. Plan was to slowly but surely buy the extra lenses, motor drive, yada yada yada. Then I fathered two kids. :!:

Last year I sold the OM1. Never did get all the other stuff for it.

This time I appliedtwo questions to the choice of camera. Those two questions can be applied to many purchases.

What do you wantit for?

To photograph all round stuff plus birds and car racing. Top quality prints 8 x 10.

How much can you afford to spend?

With a tripod, cards,TCON, spare batteryfew extras say $1000 tops.


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Puddock wrote:


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