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Default My new ZS15 memory errors, camera errors runs hot.anyone else have issues like this?

I've had my TZ15 for a couple days, running into a few issues first memory card.

Wintec Pro (10x card) Yay or nay for Panasonic? I been using it in my LZ8 for close to a year with out a single problem. I formatted using the TZ15 today it keeps telling me to take the card out and reinsert it every once in a while.

Camera Error? Also before formatting the memory, it's told me at least twice now to turn the camera off and back on again.

Lastly the camera seems to get a lot warmer then I'm used to any camera getting in normal operating modes, and has a pretty strong smell to it, I know it's new but I haven't seen this with other cameras I've owned. These cameras normally run warm? It's been in the high 70's here but I've used my LZ8 in triple digit heat with out an issue.

I have another one that Amazon sent me that I wasn't happy with the condition when it arrived, but I'm thinking of breaking the box back open and testing that camera out, this one is giving me serious reservations, but I'm loving most the pictures that come out of.
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I think I'd have serious reservations also....
Curious errors,running hot and a strong odour...!? Definitely cause for concern and certainly not normal...!
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Sorry for delay in responding, been pretty sick. I took the other camera out and sent back the one that had all the errors and problems.

This new one still has a funky odor to it in use, though I've only taken it out twice. Saturday I shot 384 images on a single charge and still had some battery left so that's pretty impressive.

Not sure if I should start looking for another camera altogether, or give this one some more time to break in
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