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varjon89a May 27, 2016 7:18 PM

my panasonic LX 5 stuck in a setting unusable
I own a panasonic lx5 for a few years now. A realy quality camera with fantastic german lens. I own about 11 point and shoots 5 of them Pansonics

Recently the LX 5, which I use the most of my cameras including DSL,
has a faulty behavior. I cannot adjust the compensation adjustment wheel . It will not work . I am stuck in -3 exposure function. Reset will not change this setting!!! Turning the tiny wheel in itself is a delicate procedure! using only the tip of your thumbnail! No matter how hard I try turning the wheel has no effect on the setting of exposure compensation!!!! The camera is basically useless to operate funishing underexposed pictures by 3 stops!!! to use when the wheel is depressed and the exposure icon lights up you work the wheel by turning it with your thumb or fingernail! no luck
Doe any one else have this problem From what i gather some of you with underexposure his may be the culprit. Press on the wheel if the icon show anything but 0 your exposure will be off!!!
the lx5 is great for copyng work. Lke copying a whoel newsapaper or laarge size magazine. you cannot do this on a scanner I take it to the library Saves gointo the copy mahcine all the time.The German lens is tack sharp.

Ed on 89a Sedona AZ

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