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I've seen some pretty interseting columns on various sites where the columnist has written about their perfect 1st cam or pocket cam carry around cameras. Some of thses have wanted a small P&S about the size of teh LX1 with a very fast f1.2 fixed 35mm lens, APS sensor, optical VF, with tilt swivel LCd's, while others have wanted a small rangefinder size, with small nterchangable prime lenses etc. So it got me thinking about what I would really want in my perfect future FZ/lumix:

1. Large sensor: the bigger the better. 1" or 4/3 CMOS sensor.
2. ISO 50 - 1600 would be nice, but a very good ISO 400 and good ISO 800 would be fine.
3. Lens: Well, I wasn't sure about fixed or interchangable, but then I like the convience of the FZ's fixed lens so I decided a fast f2.4-3.3 28-200mm would be more than good enough. With a 4/3 sensor that would phsyically be a 14-100mm. It won't be small so we'd be looking at 62mm or larger filters but it should definetly be doable.
4. View finders - a very bright OVF or a 0.5MP EVF. I had a little play around with an old pocket film camera yesterday and what shocked me was how nice and bright the OVF was in this little old Oly even in low light esp when I compared it to my FZ10.
5. Tilt swivel LCD as per FZ30.
6. High Speed SD 2 - so you can use 4GB SD cards. Firewire port.
7. A large RAW buffer - larger than the FZ30's which is pretty decent anway.
8. TTL flash - and a bounce flash like the L1 built in. Flash sync up to 1/250s
9. Very fast AF and predictive AF
10. Shutter speeds up to 1/4000 and 20s plus long exposures.

How big would it be ? Well I think such a cam could be kept to the FZ30 size or may be slightly larger. Price wise, we'd be looking at $900USD or more but then with such a spec it would be a steal. Now that would be my perfect FZ.




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sounds good HarjTT,

but I miss:

11. Increased contrast range

or just a dream:

12. Non linear sensor avoiding highlight clipping....

cheers Sven
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