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site: Wattforum Toenning, Aquarium, external Expo project
equipment: FZ5, no tripod, 100 ASA fixed, closeup lenses
light: dim, flash not possible - not allowed, f:4 1/4 sec.!
objects: moving, most of the time

I've done such jobs before with a 3 Mpixel Canon A70, with reasonable results - even freehanded.
But my first aquatic test with the FZ5 was a complete desaster. Not a single picture was acceptable.
So I did not intend to take shots this day, but then these cuttlefishesappeared!
One of these accompanied me while swimming near lanzarote. It was constantly changing its colours!
Since this time I love/like these animals!

- gently touching the glasses with the lens: reducing reflections and own movements
- using achromats, as the distance was fixed now
- waiting for the animals to calm down
- more unsharpmasking on some pictures in pp than normally

- changing to 400 ASA increased the noise too much
- next time there will be: a tripod, a black curtain, LED-ring light, no other visitors.... just dreaming!
.. sorry, simply forgot to use the sepia mode!

-----------------------All pictures can be enlarged in separate window----------------------------
gallery: http://sgsg.zoto.com/galleries/gsepia/

I'm looking at you babe!
That's me: sepia. I am living in the north sea
02 03
A private colour show, just for us!
04 05 06
07 08 09
I've done enough colour changes, let's change the surface!
10 11
That's my new home:
14 15 16
End of the show, see you next time!
a colleague: octopus - sleeping
18 19

Thanks for looking, hope you like it!

This picture is plain FZ5 - no closeup lens: hermit crab 2-3cm

.. perhaps you know an easy way to get better pictures, please tell us!!
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Unusual creatures Sven, really great thread and gallery the thumbs are cool

Well done

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Old Oct 31, 2005, 3:51 PM   #3
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Looks like you had no trouble at all those are great. I tried copy and paste on a thumb from Zoto like you suggested and no luck. If I understood you right it is just copy and paste routine.
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Hi John,
you are so kind!
They have don't have the blue ringed octopus down there, it's a pity!

Hi Tcook,
did you see the end of the groynes thread?
Try to convert the thumbs to blue, copy whatever you get (CRTL C, or menu .. copy).
Sort, delete or comment inside the edit window of steve's.
Please send a private mail if you still have problems!

But there were problems with my project, I felt like a professional: >2 hours of shooting, more than 400 pictures and selection at home. This was not a theme for my old nikon FM2! When I went home, I thought there would be no good pictures at all.

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Great pictures Sven! I've tried many times to get some decent aquarium shots with only limited luck so I know how difficult it is. But from the pictures you've posted you did something right! I've have to try your technique. Jim
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Old Nov 1, 2005, 3:23 AM   #6
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thanks Jim-tiger,

it is a cuttlefish, as tchuanye told us here:

He used: FZ10+6T,1/25, F2.8 ISO 100
So had a little bit more light, but very similar conditions.

By the way the hermit crab at the end is a small one (3cm), it stayed just at the right distance to use plain FZ5 - no close up lens.


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Old Nov 2, 2005, 7:53 AM   #7
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Great Pics, I bet these are at least as good as those from A70 (although Canon colors are IMO better than FZs').

[ Also thanks for inviting me to try ZOTO. I have subscribed and today I ll upload some images of theexcursion of the last Sunday.
I ll post them here.

Pity that there is no sharpening on Thumbnails and, especially, thaty they change the picture name:
I do the gallery on my HD and, when filenames are unchanged after the uploading, I can browse it either from the Hard Disk or on-line.
But not in this case where the image names get changed...

And you can't do a gallery of your own, with an html file crated by yourself, but only the templated ones ] But 2 Giga free...

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Old Nov 2, 2005, 4:25 PM   #8
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thanks Francesco,
these pictures are of course better than A70 pics!
We should better ask, how we get panasonic colours on canon cameras (read this somewhere else)! If we like vivid colours we can set this option, I prefer true colours. Canon seems to use an automatic contrast correction, if I use this option in photoshop there are no changes.

Zoto uses unique names, so we have to change our local filenames (?).
The thumbs have of loss of 30% in sharpness, more of us should ask them to change this!

My galleries will be generated lateron on my homepage, using links to pictures in original size.

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Old Nov 4, 2005, 9:55 PM   #9
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Found my old cuttlefish pictures - A70.
As Francesco - narmer thought, the FZ5 did a better job!
But this is a nice addition, because these ones have stripes.

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