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My lens has some spit on it (my feeble attempt to blow some dust from the lens) and I was wondering how everyone else cleans their lenses. I haven't noticed any difference in my pics since the water-lens incident though so should I bother?
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I would -- spit isn't just water & you never know what it might do to a lens.

A soft cloth damped with clean water, then a gentle polish with a soft dry cloth.

Then put a UV or skylight filter on and leave it on -- much cheaper than a damaged lens.
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Old Apr 5, 2005, 9:43 AM   #3
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I agree, spit might be bad. Its too harsh and might effect the lens coating, but I am not sure. My cleaning includes a soft camel hair brush to dust the surface, then I fog the lens with my breath and use a lens tissue or microfiber cloth. Thats all I have ever needed.

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i stole some of my parents spare spectacle cleaning cloths. seem to do the job nicely!
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I must admit that I am one of these guys who can get really obsessed by any particle of dust or spot on the lens.

I use to blow breath on cds before cleaning without spitting, but on the lens it's different.
Even if you think you are not spitting, when you breathe on the lens and watch at the condense slowly fading away, you can see those very small spits.
This can also happen when you take pictures nearby cascades or fountains thinking you are safe from drops... but the wind can bring very far the smaller particles of water.

I have lens cleaning paper and fluid, but ifind the best method is:

Take a ear cleaning stick, those with wad already set on the two extremities.
Now take some clean wad and roll it up on the stick's wad, taking care that the parts which have been touched by fingertips are not going to be those on top of the stick (they could retain traces of grease).

Better not to use the already rolled up wad for it's too hardly set, but it can prevent the lens from being scratched if you loose the loose wad atop of it.
So it is also better not to ise a sharp pointed theeth-stick for the wad could detach from its point and you'd scratch the lens film without being aware to.

Before starting to clean take care than the loose wad does not contain scratching particles -it could always happen.

And USE A SMALL PUMP to blow away eventual dust or small rocky particles wich could scratch the lens even under the soft wadder action.

Now simply breathe on the lens and clean it with the prepared 2 wad-folds stick JUST WHEN the breathe condense is fading (clean it when it's totally condensed only if the spots don't disappear with the first try).

Also note that even in the 2-3 cm macros, it's hard to detect dirty lens, unless there are fingerprints on the lens or big particles (which can 'ruin' areas of a sunset shot for example: always anything which cannot be easily removed with Photoshop cloning tools). Sensor dust in dSLR is fairly more serious.

So before cleaning your FZ lens, always think that a slightly dirty lens is better than a scratched one - and lenscleaning is one of the commonest causes of scratches - and protect the lens with a 72mm UV filter on the standard adaptor or with a 62mm one on a Phayee or Pemaraal adapter, especially when you are in sandy or dusty or windy or rainy or wet places.

I hope I ve been clear enough

My 500$ suggestion...


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Old Apr 6, 2005, 7:40 AM   #6
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r0nn13 wrote:
My lens has some spit on it
From your avatar it could of course be beer (Boddingtons maybe) and not spit:G

Yes clean it soon, the longer it is left the harder it will be to remove without damage.

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Old Apr 6, 2005, 8:34 AM   #7
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(Boddingtons maybe)
I prefer a nice pint of Harp :? (it's a delicacy in Ireland – brewed by Guinness, Dublin).

However, surely alcohol is a good cleaning product - sterilisation and all that (only joking...)

:-) Thanks for all the info on cleaning the lens. I shall give it a go this weekend.

I am going to order a Pemaraal adapter and get a 62mm UV Filter within the next couple of weeks too.
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