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Lumix_Learner Feb 8, 2012 9:29 PM

Need lens cap replacement help
Recently purchased an Olympus TCON 1.7x Telephoto Converter lens (55 mm threads) for my FZ35. Haven't had much opportunity to use it - the one time I took it out when hiking I lost the lens cap. I bought it used on e-bay through the help of a forum community member - also discovered it should have have an end cap as well as the front cap.

I would be appreciative if someone could direct me to where I could purchase replacement caps - front and end for the lens.

Tried my local camera dealer - replacement caps didn't fit exactly right, they tried to locate one and said they were not available. I've looked on Olympus site and don't know exactly where to look.

Thanks in advance for your help. If better to send a private message for the response that is fine, I will check the messages there.

Best Regards. Ev

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