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Default New DMC-FZ35 superzoom (and others) announced!!


I was really hoping for a longer zoom.... and I will be interested in the first reviews...
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I really don't mind that the FZ 35/38 doesn't have a longer zoom. One really wouldn't notice much difference unless they stretched it out to 600mm or more. And that would no doubt mean a much slower lens at the long end. At least with a slight increase in resolution cropping is a bit easier.

But I am surprised and disappointed that the electronic viewfinder and LCD screen haven't been upgraded to G1/LX3 levels. Even if Panasonic didn't want to do that, almost every fan and potential buyer of this camera has been actively calling for a fully articulated LCD screen. That would have been simple to do.

Also, I would have really liked an improvement to the camera's burst mode. The choices are 2.3 fps at full resolution and then a choice of 6fps (image priority) or 10 fps (speed priority) - both at 3 megapixels. It would be nice if the 6 fps option gave you 6 or 7 megapixels.

It appears - and I'm only guessing here - that Panasonic is intentionally trying to keep this camera out of G1/GH1 territory. But they needn't worry. With it's much smaller sensor, the FZ 35/38 will never really compete against those more expensive cameras.

The FZ 35/38 is still arguably the best of the superzooms. But unless HD video is important to you, there's no reason to upgrade. And there are two areas - EVF/LCD quality and burst mode - that the competition now has a chance to beat Panasonic in. A surprising disappointment - at least on paper.

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Default I'm disapponted

I'm pretty disappointed myself. I was also looking for a longer zoom - at least 24X. And I agree with Biro that an improvement in burst mode would have been greatly appreciated.

It seems to me that the majority of the changes are related to the video capabilities. It looks like Panasonic was more interested in making the FZ35 a "hybrid", rather than focusing on the still capabilities. That's not to say that there aren't some upgrades that are truly helpful in that area. I just wish there were more. My theory is that it is nice to have the ability to shoot some video at a moment's notice, but if I really want to shoot video more than occasionally, I'm going to buy a dedicated video camera.

BTW: Here is a link to what appears to be an actual review:

I am looking to replace my well loved but severely aged FZ10 within the next month or two. I want a lot more zoom when I take pictures from the stands at my daughter's soccer game. I was hoping that the FZ35 would be the answer for me. I know that I can certainly crop the shots with the extra megapixels, but I am just not sold.
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Default Good Upgrade in my opinion

I have the FZ28 and welcome the improvements to it with the FZ35. It looks to me like they kept what was working and improved the unsatisfactory areas, like video sound. I think it's significant that they kept the size and the price the same.

I have the SX10 also and like it very much but it is much heavier and bulkier than the Pany.

As for the zoom, 18X is normally enough. If I need more I use C1 setting where I have EZ zoom at 5mp giving me over 25X.
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Old Jul 28, 2009, 2:11 PM   #5
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I'm glad I got the fz28. It appears that the fz38 has the new "proprietary batteries only" lock in place. So you can ONLY use official brand name Panasonic batteries, which they can't actually sell to you right now.


(If anyone has any information confirming whether the fz38 requires "chipped" batteries or not, please pass it on!)

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On one hand, I can see Panasonic's point with the batteries. I'll bet more than one Panasonic camera has been ruined by a third-party battery - with the owner then attempting to make a warranty claim. But it's one thing to decide third-party batteries will void the warranty and another to force everyone to use an OEM power source.

And the real kicker is that owners can't yet buy an extra chipped Panasonic battery for some new cameras even if they wanted to. Shipping hasn't begun yet. I just picked up a new TS1 a few weeks ago and had no problem buying an extra OEM battery. Lucky me.

But no matter. Within months, I expect the resourceful aftermarket to respond with batteries that will easily get around this issue. Meanwhile... Panasonic could attempt to offer OEM batteries that last much longer than any alternative - both in terms of each given charge and recharges over the battery's lifetime. That might bring some camera owners around. They might also include two batteries with each camera they sell.

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re: Proprietary Batteries:
My experience with the Sony F717 which uses their proprietary InfoLithium technology indicates that you will need to buy Pany batteries. The second source vendors will swear that their batteries are compatible (eg, Thomas Battery Co.) but after trying three different brands, I had to buy Sony's. Also (by-the-way), the claim for the need to have the proprietary technology is so that the camera knows accurately the state (ie, charge) of the battery.

re:FZ28 vs new FZ38 (PS: I own FZ7):
It's probably a good thing that the zoom was not extended. I never had much luck getting nice pixes much past 8X. (Useful pixes at full zoom to identify an animal, yes, but generally not something you'd put in an art gallery.) FZ38 will host faster start up & fix the sound & those are good & needed. Also needed is better handling of contrasting which FZ38 will provide processing for. (Check the blown out highlights of images taken in direct sun hosted on image-resource.com for FZ28.) Have to admit though, that the face recognition capability claimed by Pany for FZ38 seems scary. If it can really do what the reviews say, then we're all in trouble (ie,tracked by "big brother").

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Default Remote Shutter Release ?

Any provision for a remote shutter release ?
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Another detailed FZ38 review:


No mention of remote shutter release; only the standard self-timer functionality.

PS: FZ38 Review looks real good. Appears that it has the potential to be another winner. Let's hope that there occur no "snakes in the grass" (eg, QC problems, etc.)
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Originally Posted by sdromel View Post
PS: FZ38 Review looks real good. Appears that it has the potential to be another winner...
Well, I don't expect to see any difference in terms of IQ between the FZ28 and the FZ35 since the lens, the sensor and the engine are the same. Any noticeable difference should be in the video department.

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