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Hi Tazzie:-). Nice photo but very poor lighting as far as i can tell.When I mentioned Incandescent, I meant "500WATT incadescent Photo Light Bulb", not a 60 or 100 watt light bulb:G.A good photo bulb can emit almost a blinding light similar to daylight which should be more than enough foralmost any camera indoors. The noise levels are very high in your picture. I would find it hard to believe that a modernDSLR could producethat much noise:O. What camera did you use?:?
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Thats the point. Its a nasty high noise FZ20 straining with low light, but the trade off against a D50 or 70, 5 or 7D, 350 or 20 are gonna light things up and catch more action, but at a price in time in PP, money and weight. Besides I often like the dark side. Seldom do well lit photos appeal to me. Plus I can't see the noise there. Although I've plenty that are flat noisey, which I learned how to better expose and eliminate most of the noise. The bottom line is that a DSLR is not a panacea. Pictures don't transfer from a DSLR ready to go. They require post processing, often a bunch. DSLR sites are full of people asking what the heck is wrong. Its a deep trip into the world of PS and a major time and dollar drain. I'll admit it is worth it to many photographers. May head that direction myself shoud I live so long. I'm far from satisfied at times in the FZs capability, then I regain some sense of perspective with respect to my real wants and needs. I can play a few notes with an FZ, but I'm far from mastering even it. I believe its much more capable than I am, so why should I look for something better? If you think another three stops will do it go fo it.
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Hello again Tazzie. Thanks for the reply. I think you are right about DSLR cameras, they do present many unforseen consequences, especially for people who just don'thave, or simply don't want to invest the time neededin making a DSLR work to their satisfaction. I should have been more carefull in my previous post as I might have inadvertantly lured some innocent souls into the DSLR world. So I will add some warning in the previous post.

Yes, I agree tha DSLR's are not a 'cure-all'for photography and to some degree, a pretty fair ammount of talentand a natural drive to improve ones performance day by dayis neededto drive one of these beasts. As far as I know DSLR's are not for everybody, especially people who want instant and effortless results.

I must have some sort of sickeness that drives me towards perfecting everything I do. And inmy case, with the fz15, I quickly wound up hitting the wall at what could otherwisebe explained as 100 miles an hour after discovering its limitations.The sad thing is that very few people, if any,care about this or simply don't notice or don't really care about these problems:roll:.

Among the problems that a very small group of people will notice is the CCD's limited dynamic range and the camera's inability to focus correctly at close range indoors with average homelighting. The CCD's lack of dynamic range iscan be veryfrustrating when taking pictures even in full auto. How many pictures I take that have white bloches of extreme saturation even on cloudy days! The other problem I have, and I must say that very few people notice this, is that at least 9 out of 10pictures, the autofocus is off by a just a notch. I have tried to adjust the focus manually but the dark and grainy digitally zoomedLCD makes it somewhat unpridictable and less consistent then just leaving it in auto mode. But like I said before, very few peoplewill notice these problems which occur mostly with indoor lighting and when its cloudy outside.

Anyway, I want to get a DSLR because the CCD's have far greater dynamic range and the iso range is just so awesomewith just a minute ammount ofnoise as a tradeoff--Cool! Also, I dont have to deal with brutally limited LCD's to maually focus on a subject. Another wonderfull thing about the DSLR is that the pixel accuracy is just absolutely incredible to me. I don't really minddealing with a complicatedbeast like a DSLRif it candeliver greater dynamic range, even if it takes an hour or 2 just for one beautiful picture. But knowing myself all to well, of course, I will complain about the DSLR too because, well it's in my nature to complain about everthing, and no matter how many options they give me they're just never enough. So I might as well embrace the sickness, theres no way I can fight it

Try this post so you can see one of my complaints in full view:-):

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